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Tammy Slaton From Rehab: How Do I Look, Guys?!?


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Tammy Slaton may be taking a break from the so-called real world at the moment.

But she isn’t taking a break from social media.

On Sunday evening, the 1,000-lb Sisters star once again took to Instagram in order to provide followers with an update amid her lengthy stint in a rehab facility.

She did so by posting the following caption-free selfie:

“You look great, Tam, keep it up,” one Instagram user commented in response, while another chimed in as follows:

“I am sooo excited for you! Keep it up!”

Added yet anothe fan:

“Looking great, proud of you.”

Slaton has been in rehab since she was hospitalized in November due to carbon dioxide poisoning.

As viewers witnesed at the time, the veteran star was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, while doctors later decided to put her on a ventilator… and into a medically-induced coma.

The intense health scare aired on the 1000-Lb. Sisters season 3 finale back on January 31.

After she was stable, Tammy revealed in a TikTok clip that the fright “led to pneumonia, and I was septic. After I got off life support, they put a trach in, so, yeah. I’m trying to get used to that.”

Tammy has reportedly lost 115 pounds in this coma as well.

“I’m doing better day by day,” the TLC star insisted in a Novembe video, adding at the time:

“I’m supposed to be getting out of the hospital in a couple days. I’m going to another nursing rehab to get my strength back and lose more weight.”

Since this explanation, we’ve learned that Tammy has actuallyy chosen to seek professional help as well.

“She is in a facility and she’s getting help,” a friend told The Sun of Slaton last month.

“This summer she was a bit reckless. There were times when I said, ‘You have a TV show about your weight. Why are you eating this?'”

This same insider added that Tammy would remain in rehab until this summer — and that she’s paying for it out of her own pocket.

As a result, Tammy won’t have any place to live when she finally gets out.

She won’t have any place of her own to live, that is.

“Tammy’s social security pays it, it takes her whole social security check, the show isn’t paying,” Amy Slaton previously said of her sibling’s situation.

“That’s why I hear she doesn’t have a place to live because she can’t afford the rent.”

Amy isn’t about to let her sister suffer alone in the streets, however.

“When she comes out she’ll stay with me for a little bit, soon as we find a place she’ll go there,” Amy also said a few weeks ago, adding:

“I’m not sure when she’s gonna come back, but I know that she’s getting the help she needs.

“If she needs to be up there for a year, two years, that’s fine. She needs the help.”

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