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Teen Mom OG Reunion Taping: Why Did the Whole Cast Snub Mackenzie McKeee?


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Well, another Teen Mom OG reunion show is in the can.

And as always, the taping involved some ugly drama and a whole lot of surprises.

As we reported earlier this week, a feud has erupted between Mackenzie McKee and the rest of the cast, and so the Oklahoma native was shunned by her co-stars.

As you may recall, McKee made some insensitive remarks about Kamala Harris, and it seems the rest of the cast feels that her apology to Cheyenne Floyd was insincere.

It’s a complicated issue, and there’s no denying that Mackenzie’s remark was truly ignorant.

In case you forgot, McKee called Kamala Harris a “colored woman” in an Instagram post 

It’s to her credit that she called Cheyenne to apologize, but it’s important to bear in mind that Cheyenne is in no way obligated to accept said apology.

Floyd says McKee seemed like she made the call against her will, and she talked about “angry black women” during their conversation.

We have no reason not to believe Cheyenne, and clearly her castmates have similar faith in her.

And so, when the whole gang assembled to shoot the Teen Mom OG Season 9B reunion, the rest of the girls kept their distance from Mackenzie.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reports, the ladies went so far as to shoot their segments without Mackenzie.

Producers went along with the epic snub by telling McKee that everyone was shooting their segments individually due to Covid concerns.

Mackenzie found out about the deception on Friday night after she had already taped her segment, and needless to say, she was quite angry.

McKee told her side of the story on Instagram:

“I’m just going to tell my side of the story as graceful as possible. Here it goes, the Reunion just happened in LA…many of you know that I made a mistake [mixing up ‘colored woman’ and ‘woman of color’] that I said sorry about and was unaware about,” she wrote.

“Many of you know about the humiliating mistake I made that I was extremely sorry about,” McKee continued.

“I wish more than anything I wouldn’t have brought one of the girls, Cheyenne, into it because it wasn’t her mistake and she shouldn’t have had to carry that burden on your shoulders of being brought into it.”

Well, forgiveness might happen eventually, but it certainly didn’t happen on this trip.

And it seems that Mackenzie wasn’t the only one who received a bit of a surprise during her time in LA.

According to The Ashley’s production sources, the cast of Teen Mom Young & Pregnant was also on hand.

The merging of the two casts reportedly made for some interesting segments, and producers saw it as a way to bring the show back to its roots. 

“[The show’s producers] want to get the show back to its original purpose, of talking about the unique experiences young moms have,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley.

“They brought the four ‘YP’ girls out so that each girl can sit down with one of the ‘OG’ girls and discuss their life and the ‘OG’ girl can try to offer advice to the younger girl,” the insider adds.

The source says that all of the moms “were super-emotional” as they paired off to discuss their shared struggles.

“They purposely chose those pairings. Like, they felt that Kayla and Cheyenne have similar situations having two kids, and that Cate and Tyler could relate to Rachel’s problems with her mother,” says the source.

“The segments went really well and they got really good footage. A lot [of the people behind the scenes] feel like they’re the best segments they’ve had in a long time.”

Now, this was probably a reaction to the fact that Teen Mom OG ratings have been declining for years, but hey — maybe the stunt will renew interest in this very long-in-the-tooth show.

And if that doesn’t work, maybe we’ll look back on this reunion as the moment that the OGs passed the torch to the younger crowd!

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