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Temporary Phone Number — a Guarantee of Your Online Safety


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Most of us have one or two SIM cards at our disposal, which are more than enough for everyday use. But sometimes we face unforeseen circumstances, such as the need to register another account on a website with your phone number in its database. Of course, you can always buy a new SIM card or use the phone numbers of your relatives, but there is an alternative solution.

It is the use of temporary telephone numbers, through which anyone can get hold of an unlimited number of telephone numbers for a limited period of time. We will discuss the features and advantages of this technology in this article.

How does it work?

A temporary phone number is an online service that allows you to get a temporary phone number through an Internet connection. This format of telephone numbers can be used for various tasks in the Intranet, depending on the type of service. Usually, such temporary telephone numbers are used to receive SMS messages, but there are also unique uses. 

A key feature of such telephone numbers is that they are not tied to the user’s physical location and personal details, which is highly convenient.

About the advantages of using a temporary phone number

If you activate this service, you get an anonymous mobile number for a short period of time (from 30 minutes to several months). During this time you can use it to receive SMS from the site where you want to register another account or carry out any operation. 

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Among the main advantages of disposable numbers are worth mentioning:

  • Protection. A temporary number protects you from spam attacks and automated subscriptions to newsletters.
  • Bypassing restrictions. The toll number is not tied to your location, so you can use it to access resources blocked in your country.
  • Anonymity. The resources you register with cannot track your real number and you can remain anonymous even after registration. 
  • Cost. You save over 50% by renting a temporary phone number. You don’t have to pay for other phone number functions, you use it only for receiving SMS and you only pay for that.

The price factor should also be mentioned – using this service is very advantageous when trying to increase your chances of winning in lotteries, participating in promotions or engaging in social networking activities.

Where can I get a temporary phone number?

You can get temporary phone numbers using specialised services on the Internet. For example, one of the popular providers of this service is the SMS-man platform. They offer quick numbers from 150 different countries with a rental option for up to 3 months.

Follow the steps below to obtain a temporary phone number:

  1. Find and create an account;
  2. Go to the «Top up my balance» tab from the menu on the left and make a deposit; 
  3. Open the home page to select the mobile operator’s country and the service you want to get the code;
  4. Get your phone number by clicking on the «Buy» button next to it. 
  5. Apply the phone number to register in the selected service and wait for the code to be sent; 
  6. To get it, go back to ‘History’ and click on the «Get SMS» button next to your number;
  7. Apply the code to complete the registration.
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As you may have realized by now, this service is ideal for people who are worried about their personal data. Being able to receive SMS anonymously can protect your personal phone from possible spam messages and calls.

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