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The Bachelor Spoilers Reveal Shocking, Historic, Holy-$hit-Can-You-Believe-That Ending


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Perhaps you heard what Clayton Echard recentlyy told Entertainment Tonight about his time as The Bachelor:

“I’m in a great spot. I am happy. Ultimately, any time I can grow from an experience, if it is good or bad, I feel like it was worth it, and it was.”

And perhaps you took this as a sign that Echard therefore ends up engaged to wrap up Season 26 of the ABC franchise.

I am happy, right?!?

And, you know what?

Perhaps you’re right.

But the man who purports to know everything about this beloved series (and who is almost always correct in his assessments and his predictions) is no here to say otherwise.

Reality Steve updated his official blog this week in the wake of the latest Bachelor episode, chiming in on some of the speculation floating around the Internet.

Consider yourself SPOILER warned and scroll down if you’re interest in how this season may end…

As you may have already heard, Clayton will head to Iceland for his finale with Gabby and Rachel, the finalists to whom it says the now-infamous words, post-fantasy suite week:

I was intimate with both of you.”

There may be more to this tease, however.

“I, and everyone else, all took it to mean he told both of those women to their face that he had slept with both of them during overnight dates,” Steve just wrote

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He concedes, though, that Clayton has also said “just because you saw it that way doesn’t necessarily mean what everyone thinks it means, and that it has more context to it.”

What the heck does this mean?!?

According to Steve, he can only state three things for certain:

1. this season does NOT have a traditional ending.

2. Echard was NOT with Rachel Recchia when filming concluded.

3. There was no finality to the season in Iceland.

These points also jibe with what Bachelor creator (and notorious hype man) Mike Fleiss Tweeted on February 21:

Major Historic Announcement! This season’s finale of #TheBachelorABC is totally spoiler-proof. No one knows how it will end, cuz it ain’t over til it’s over! And it ain’t over…

fleiss tweet

Okay, now. What the heck does this mean?!?

Explains Realityy Steve:

“Even though I don’t have specifics of what exactly that means, I think it’s safe to say that it not having a traditional ending means we’re not going to have it down to 2 women on final rose ceremony day, he picks out a ring, one woman arrives and gets dumped and the other woman shows up and they’re engaged.

“Pretty certain now that’s NOT how this season plays out.”

Steve also notes that Rachel has not visited Los Angeles since shooting wrapped, making it unlikely she was crowned the Season 26 winner.

These signs therefore point to Gabby as Clayton’s champion, but NOT as his fiancee.

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Not just yet, that is.

Or, then again, considering what Fleiss Tweeted and considering that Steve cannot say with confidence just who does come out on top? There may be a major twist on tap.

“With no finality in Iceland, and with a non-traditional ending, that doesn’t mean that Rachel might not be in the picture come [After the Final Rose],” he blogged a couple days ago.

“Or Susie. Or Gabby. All I was told was alluding to that he didn’t pick Rachel in Iceland. Or leave with her in Iceland. Or anything like that.”

It’s worth noting here that ABC is yet to release any footage from the final rose ceremony or of Clayton getting down on one knee.

This lends credence to the theory that while Echard may, indeed, have “found love” on Season 26, as he stated several weeks ago, he may not be absolutely sure that it’s true love.


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