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The Impact of Unhealthy Business Practices in the NFL


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The NFL has been in the news recently for the wrong reasons. News of NFL team owners, coaches, players, and officials involved in shady practices negatively impacts the NFL’s successes and casts doubts on fairness and sportsmanship within the ranks of one of America’s biggest sports enterprises.

The NFL is a sports business, and teams want to be able to make handsome profits on an annual basis. Fans also want their teams to have the best NFL odds. The desire for success is great and should naturally drive teams towards more success. Still, many approach this through unfair practices.

The NFL has always committed its resources to ensure teams compete in an equitable environment. Still, some team owners are not satisfied. In a bid to get the best NFL lines for their teams, they end up casting aspersions on the credibility of the NFL.

How Unhealthy Business Practices Negatively Affect the NFL

Currently, the NFL is trying to establish itself in new territories. The NFL is a global sports enterprise, but its lack of presence in some territories prevents it from accruing maximum benefits from these places.

The NFL’s move into these new territories will benefit every team under the NFL. That is why everybody, from team owners to players and officials, should rally around to support the NFL rather than explore loopholes for their personal benefits.

 Every investor in the NFL wants to rest assured that they can make profits once they stick to the rules and play by the books. When some teams start to explore loopholes, it will definitely prompt other teams and their investors to explore these loopholes too.

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Eventually, a free for all situation will result. When this ensues, equity and fairness will be kicked out of the NFL. This will inevitably lead to its end.

The NFL must not allow these unhealthy business practices to thrive. There is a need for stricter sanctions. And a review of some existing loopholes must be carried out in earnest to create business standards for everybody involved in the NFL.

The NFL must do all that is possible to limit the recurrence of these unhealthy practices now. These practices will hinder the NFL’s spread into new territories if not stopped immediately.


Unhealthy business practices within the NFL have been a scourge. The NFL has constantly challenged it with rules and regulations, technology, punishments, etc. The majority of these practices have been eradicated, but seeing a recurrence only suggests that the NFL has to do more to finally put a stop to these unhealthy business practices.

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