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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Spoilers: Who the Heck is Traci Johnson?!?


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Plates will be thrown on The Real Housewives of New Jersey next year.

Drinks will be hurled.

But that’s not all.

Shortly after Bravo released the first trailer for Season 12 of this Bravo sensation (below), the network also unveiled official descriptions for what each cast member will be up to this winter.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 pic

This includes Traci Johnson.

Scroll down to learn more about this addition to the show, and also to see just how bonkers things will get for Teresa, Melissa and company…

After years of weathering the storm, TERESA GIUDICE is finally getting her ray of sunshine and much deserved happily ever after.

With less than a year of relationship bliss, Teresa makes the decision to move in with boyfriend Luis and blend their families.

Excited to take things to the next level, Teresa is faced with rumors surrounding her relationship that has the ladies expressing concern and asking questions about the couple’s future.

Family always comes first for MELISSA GORGA and this season is no different.

After selling her house and moving towns, her daughter Antonia struggles during her junior year of high school as she acclimates to this new normal and recovers from an ACL injury.

Following the accusations made by Jennifer last year about Joe’s business, Melissa comes to his defense, proving why you should never mess with her family.

Will Melissa and Jennifer be able to reconcile, or will Teresa be forced to choose between family and friendship?

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With Frankie and Gabby both living in their family’s home, DOLORES CATANIA has decided to rent a brand new townhouse and loves the freedom that comes along with it.

Things get too close for comfort when Frank invites himself to stay at the Catania’s domicile.

But, that’s not the only struggle she’s facing — after years of the ladies questioning her relationship with David, Dolores contemplates what the future of her love life looks like.

After revealing an Aydin family secret, MARGARET JOSEPHS deals with the guilt that comes along with causing pain to Jennifer.

Despite her successful book launch, she discovers that her ex-husband was upset with the narrative.

Her oversharing nature continues to cause shifts within the group, as well as with her family and past relationships which comes to a head during a group trip to Nashville.

JENNIFER AYDIN publicly faces the biggest hardship and insecurity in her marriage when family secrets are revealed and rise to the forefront.

After the news is brought to light, not only does Jennifer fight to protect her family, but she’s also left to reevaluate her contentious friendship with Margaret.

JACKIE GOLDSCHNEIDER is forced to face her life-long struggle of an eating disorder and comes to the realization that her road to recovery could be life threatening.

While confronting her health issues head on, she also has no problem confronting Dolores as she begins to question her lack of loyalty to her so-called “friends.”

A turn of events takes place when Jackie comes to Jennifer’s defense after reflecting on her own personal difficulties last year.

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Introduced to the group by Melissa, TRACI JOHNSON is no stranger to the spotlight.

As the wife of former NFL player, Tiki Barber, she knows what it’s like to be in the public eye and values loyalty more than anything.

After seeing what Teresa and Jennifer are going through in their relationships, she is forced to revisit past allegations about her own marriage.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 12 premieres Tuesday, Feb. 1 at 8/7c on Bravo.

Check out the trailer now!


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