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The role of teachers in providing support to special children using means of online education


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The sudden start of the pandemic situation has brought about significant changes in the educational system, causing students to adapt themselves to the new method of online learning. Distance learning can be challenging for any student, but it can be especially difficult for those with special needs. Navigating the complexities of remote learning can take a toll on a child’s mental health and well-being. If you’re concerned about your child’s emotional or behavioral health, it may be helpful to seek the guidance of a child psychology professional. In most cases, parents of special children have been significantly struggling when it came to ensuring that the child was paying attention to what was being taught by the teachers over online education. the concept of distance learning which is mostly not even understood by the children, resists challenges which is especially connected towards the learning and attention needs as well as social and emotional needs.

The following scenario was challenging for both the teachers in the students as the teachers found it increasingly difficult to make the students will engage with online classroom. The lack of physical distance was one of the major causes which made it difficult for the students to find any real connection with the teachers thereby causing difficulties. In such situations it is important to highlight the teachers had a significant role to play in ensuring that better engagement can be provided to the students

. It is important to understand the qualities of a good teacher not only in providing educational support to the students but also raising emotional engagement with them. One of the most important step that can be undertaken by the teachers in this case is to put the relationship before academic priorities

.This can be easily conducted by the teachers by using modern tool kits that can be implemented in online education. This may include going for quick research best ECL activities many of which can be easily implemented online and hence create a strong connection of the teachers with the students. However this needs to be adequately supported by specialized learning accessories so that the students can be made to feel engaged with the classroom. another method that can be undertaken as to get creative with the accommodations in support. In most cases children with special needs have challenges when it comes to undertaking independent learning. This includes having the task broken for them and instructions broken down into several steps.

For example, when comparing with normal children, a teacher can increase the interest of the students in the subject of math by providing them with tricky maths puzzles with answers. Such an act will bring about interest in the students and make the subject and its understanding easier for them. However, when it comes to students with special needs, the teachers will require breaking down every step which includes understanding the numbers to highlight the relationship present with each of these numbers Before any kind of puzzles can be provided to them to solve further.

Therefore in such cases a teacher can undertake separate channels in online education through which each student will be provided with separate attention so that they can be better in gauge with their curriculum/ However, the major factor that needs to be outlined in this case is collaborating with the rest of the teachers along with other support Groups for specialized children so that a strong system can be developed that will make online education simpler for the students.

The need for developing new technologies to support special children through online education 

The sudden start of the pandemic has highlighted the crisis that is present for special children when it comes to providing them education through the medium of online learning. It is important to develop an inclusive education Framework that will ensure that each student is provided with proper tension so that online education can be as beneficial to them as For other students.

one of the steps that can be undertaken with the implementation of elements of virtual reality through which a simulated landscape can be created that will make it easier for the Teachers to provide instruction and also cause face to face educational instruction. Hence, there still needs to be a lot of innovation conducted so that more support can be provided to these children using online education..

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