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Things to Consider When Shopping for Kids Sandals


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Sandals are the footwear most comfortable for your kids during summers. They are the go-to wear when you are in a hurry and also ideal for wearing all day long. While the closed-toe sandals might be challenging to cope with in the summer season, kids cork sandals can offer the comfort that your kids need. But it is essential to find the right quality sippers for kids since they have sensitive feet. Here are the top things to consider to buy your kids’ sandals. 

Comfy and cushioned fabrics

Sandals made of comfy material like leather or synthetic are ideal for your kids. They can make sure that your kids feel comfortable while putting them on. The fabrics need to be breathable and supple. Choose materials that make them easy to wear. Sandals made of bad quality material do not allow the feet to breathe, and your kids experience discomfort and swelling. It may also lead to unpleasant odors. 

Toddlers need to choose a sandal with a solid heel cap and friction-friendly soles. They should fit well and should be ideal for all floor surfaces. Kids’ summer sandals should be suitable for playing, moving around, or even running on uneven surfaces. So choose the sandals her kid can wear throughout the day without getting sore feet. 

A size bigger

Baby feet grow quickly, and if you purchase sandals of your kid’s current feet size, they may become useless after a few months. Measure the size of your kid’s feet while they are standing straight and take the length of both sides. After measuring their feet in cm, start selecting the sandals’ size. Look for sandals 1 or 2 cm larger than your kid’s size on the size chart. 

It is essential for babies from 0 to 2 years to avoid very large sandals since they can interrupt their development. For closed sandals, choose 1 to 1.5cm for growth, and for the open ones, 1cm is recommended. 

Width of the sandals

Pay brief attention to the width of the sandals so that they do not squinch your baby’s little feet. The width has to be perfect for an easy fit. Choose sandals with buckles and velcro for the stronghold. Buckles make it easier for kids to slip on the sandals without hassle. They can loosen the sandals while wearing and tighten the velcro after putting them on. Choose the store that has options for standard, wide and narrow feet. 

Maintaining the quality

Kids’ sandals can retain their original quality and appearance with a bit of care. They can continue to look good throughout the summer, even with regular use. You can easily use a moist cloth to wipe off dirt or stains from sandals. Do it often, probably after every use, to ensure that no stain becomes tough to clean. 

Beeswax spray can also be used to maintain its flexible quality and appearance. Use shoe polish to make them look new. 

Design and details

While other quality features are important to note while purchasing kids’ sandals, you should also pay attention to details. Kids like to wear colorful and quirky stuff. They should have some color pops and bright designs that attract your kids. Just like hiking sandals for women, kids’ slippers also come in a variety of designs. Pick the most attractive ones for those little feet. 

Summer sandals are suitable toys for your kids since they play outdoors. They should be comfortable in what they’re wearing, so don’t pick anything in a hurry. Consider these factors while shopping and shop from a trusted store. 

Search your options right away. 


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