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This is what your favorite pair of BIRKENSTOCKs say about your personality


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We know that footwear matter a lot in making the first impression and they say a great deal about a person. A person can be judged by their shoes. Whether you reach for classics or flashy strappy stylish Birkenstocks, your Birkenstocks say plenty about you. The brand BIRKENSTOCK enjoys a history of comfort shoemaker and is in vogue for more than a couple of centuries. BIRKENSTOCK has been making sandals with iconic cork and latex footbed that molds to the arch of the feet and gives you an extremely comfortable experience. They are not just comfortable but are equally fashionable too. Let’s explore what a few effortlessly styled Birkenstocks say about you.

Popular Arizona

A BIRKENSTOCK is not only a comfort go-to now; some of their styles are fashion icons in their own rights.  Classic Arizona is one such style. This two-straps men’s sandal with buckled design is their most popular footwear and continues to sell like hotcakes for more than four decades.  Boasting the original footbed, this ultra-comfy Arizona reveals a personality that not only values convenience and ease to the utmost but is trend-conscious and fashionable too.

Minimalist Gizeh

The modern-day toe thong sandal from BIRKENSTOCK is Gizeh. This addictive classic features all that a BIRK is famous for. Available in an array of colors, the sandal for women is anatomically designed for extreme comfort. The adjustable strap with the pin buckle provides the perfect fit. This stylish sandal reveals the wearer is cool and fashion-conscious and believes in a refined and minimalist style. Sweatpants are not the go-to style for her – floaty summer dresses and cute rompers are what she loves.

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Secure Milano

Milano from BIRKENSTOCK is the epitome of style, comfort and security. The two-strap adjustable upper with an adjustable heel strap provides maximum comfort and security. This sandal is suitable for all those who are on their feet for long hours. Comfort and coziness are the keys for all those who love a Milano. While fashionable Arizona is loved by these Milano lovers, they also want the safety of the heel strap. This means the user values security much more over convenience.

Elegant Mayari

Thong sandal Mayari from BIRKENSTOCK is a modern style with a toe loop. It combines elegance with comfort to form a slender form and understated design. A triple strap sandal Mayari is for fashion-conscious people. This sandal reveals a personality who loves elegant style and ultra comfort. This person would surely not like to pair boyfriend jeans or sweatpants with her Birkenstocks and would like elegant dresses, skirts, and pants instead.

Fashion FavouriteMadrid

The first sandal by BIRKENSTOCK is Madrid. This classic single strap wonder with an adjustable pin buckle and the iconic footbed is one of the most comfortable sandals around. Not only comfortable, but it is a fashion favorite too. A Madrid owner reveals that she likes sleek, comfy, and dressy style however, would not forego comfort for that. They have a knack for slightly athletic styles and would like to go with the trend.

All, the owners of Birkenstocks definitely reveal that they value quality, comfort, health, and the environment over everything else. They are also fashion-conscious and love to follow the trend. Birkenstocks are available in multiple colors, materials, and design options. Get the one that suits your personality the most!

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