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Tim Malcolm Claps Back at Jesse Meester: He’s a Clown and a Narcissistic Bully!


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When we said that we wanted to see some franchise singles paired up, this is so not what we had in mind.

Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona’s relationship will play out on this upcoming season of 90 Day: Bares All.

In teasing the season, Jesse took an alarmingly popular and downright homophobic jab at Tim Malcolm, Jeniffer’s ex.

With a lot of resignation, Tim is responding to Jesse’s smarmy nonsense as classily as he can.

Jeniffer Tarazona could fall in love with Jesse (The Single Life promo)

To the collective horror of the 90 Day Fiance fandom, Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona are together.

Their upcoming season will spare no details, even showing them showering together.

While it will certainly be an attractive sight … it’s not the body, but the mind, that has fans turned off.

Jesse Meester showers (The Single Life promo)

As part of the normal internal press tour to promote the new season, Shaun Robinson spoke to Jesse on 90 Day: Bares All.

One of the hot topics during Jeniffer’s season was that she and Tim never actually had sex with each other.

There were some inexcusable comments from fans at that time. Jesse clearly feels the same way.

Jesse Meester on 90 Day Bares All

“I think it’s pretty obvious,” Jesse said with a knowing smirk when Shaun asked what was up with that.

The implication there is that Jesse is claiming that Tim is gay, and therefore not attracted to women.

Jesse might not realize this, but some people have standards before sexual intimacy — yes, even men!

Tim Malcolm reacts to Jesse Meester

Jesse didn’t stop there, because of course he didn’t.

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Instead, he added that Tim had spoken about him to Jeniffer, as if trying to set them up.

But he didn’t say that it was matchmaking — instead, Jesse claimed that Tim was likely just admiring him.

Tim Malcolm on 90 Day: Bares All

“He’s a clown, I could care less about what he thinks of me,” Tim said dismissively on this weekend’s 90 Day: Bares All.

There, Shaun rolled the clip for him and gave him the opportunity to shoot down Jesse’s egotistical nonsense.

“He’s just a bully,” Tim noted.

Jesse Meester legs in the shower (The Single Life promo)

“I can’t stand bullies, for one, because I was bullied a lot as a kid,” Tim pointed out.

“So,” he continued, “he really struck a nerve with me.”

“I’m not a s–t stirrer,” Tim said. “I don’t really go around picking fights with people.”

“But that guy has just always rubbed me the wrong way,” Tim said, “something about him.”

Almost everyone in the fandom would say the same, Tim.

“He just always has that used car salesman vibe about him,” he continued, “just like a shyster.”

Tim denied having discussed Jesse for any reason with Jeniffer.

He also delved into the all-too-frequent questions about why he didn’t immediately bone Jeniffer.

His answer? He’s a grown adult man.

Tim also added that he was heartbroken at the time when he went to be with Jeniffer.

That was likely one of multiple factors that prevented their relationship from working out.

But he also wasn’t entirely in the mood … a feeling that only increased when Tim got to know Jeniffer better.

Jesse Meester claims he's falling in love (The Single Life promo)

Oh yes — Tim had harsh words to say about Jesse and Jeniffer alike.

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But he thinks that they could be very happy together … for a little while.

Why? Because they’re a perfect match.

“They seem like the perfect match for each other,” Tim said.

“They’re both self-centered, kind of egotistical, narcissistic,” he described.

“They’ll be a great match until it fizzles out,” Tim predicted.

“I would put my bottom dollar that you won’t ever see them together long-term,” Tim announced.

“And,” he shaded, “he better have a big wallet to keep her happy.”

We’ll find out soon enough!


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