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What to play in July 2023. There is even a game based on the Expansion TV series


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July 2023 may well set a record for the number of high-profile releases with a minus sign – this time their cat cried. There are enough games, but a significant part is aimed at a narrow audience. But PlayStation Plus subscribers have prepared an interesting set of free games in July: this is Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Alan Wake Remastered, and Ending: Extinction is Forever.

We have collected for you a small selection of the most interesting games, we will list them in the order of releases. We also added projects to the list that came out earlier, but now have reached new gaming platforms for them.

Diablo 4

It was released in June, but can rightfully be included in this list. The mood, a sizable and vibrant environment that is fascinating to explore, cool design, gorgeous graphics, amazing music, a strong combat system, a rich tale, story bosses, and a tonne of endgame material are all lauded for the fourth edition. A lot of critics claim that optimization is also fine. Buy Diablo 4 gold, complete quests, and enjoy the “perfect Diablo” and probably the best Blizzard project. It has already been dubbed one of the best games of 2023.


Release only for PlayStation VR2 on July 4th.

Although virtual reality technology has been around for a while and is not going away, there are not many games that would fully use its potential. Synapse is an example of a project that is solely concerned with virtual reality (this time, only for the PS5). True, this is neither a positive nor a drawback: interactive shooting games are frequently the most compelling VR games, and Synapse is no exception.

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Synapse can hardly be attributed to breakthrough games, but fans of fast-paced action (and those who have spent money on a console with Sony virtual reality glasses) will like it.


Release on July 6 for PS4 and PS5, XBO, and XSX, previously released for PC.

Scarf is a representative of the indie genre. This puzzle was released for PC back in 2021, now console owners will receive it. We include it in the list since Scarf has received high marks from the profile press and ordinary gamers (albeit a little), who do not need to praise everything in a row.

Scarf offers an allegorical voyage through lovely realms by combining riddles and 3D platformer features, as is evident from the description. They will need to be looked into, and you will also need to learn the truth about yourself.


Release on July 6 for PC, PS4 and PS5, XBO, and XS/S. In 2019, Gylt was released for the now-closed Google Stadia.

It is an out-of-the-ordinary situation when a game from many years ago appears on the list. The game is a dark adventure with horror aspects in which Sally, the main character, must battle her dreams that have entered a new reality in addition to trying to survive. According to its creators, Gylt is a blend of stealth, action, and puzzles.

Oxen free 2: Lost Signals

Release on July 12 for PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS (the latter two platforms will require a Netflix subscription).

Again, the theme of horror films, although this time they drew inspiration from the paintings of the 30s of the last century – this is how the first part was described. The sequel to the well-received game from 2016 called Oxen Free, Oxen Free 2, on the other hand, stays faithful to the genre and is a graphic adventure.

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Release on July 14 for PC, PS4 and PS5, XBO, and XSX.

A multiplayer shooter that could have been bypassed if Capcom had not been involved in its development. The project follows the “Japanese traditions”: gamers equipped with high-tech equipment and weapons will chop up dinosaurs (and similar creatures). In order to complete mini-quests in the game, you must cooperate with other players. These mini-quests will be complicated by creatures that suddenly emerge as endless waves.

Jagged Alliance 3

It is released on July 14 for PC.

Since the release of the previous Jagged Alliance, a lot of time has passed, during which a couple of generations of gamers have changed – the release of the second part of the tactics took place already in 1999. Jagged Alliance 3 events with turn-based battles will unfold in the non-existent country of Grand Chien: rebels from the Legion kidnapped its president, plunging the state into chaos. The president’s family hires a group of elite mercenaries whose task is to rescue the head of state from captivity.

The Expanse: A Telltale Series

Released on July 27 for PC, PS4, PS5, and XSX.

Those who suffer from the end of the series “Expansion” (although it had ups and downs), at the end of July, if there is no postponement, you can indulge in nostalgia when the release of The Expanse: A Telltale Series, consisting of five episodes (will be released every two weeks).

You will have to take up the role of Kamina Drummer, the Artemis collecting ship’s assistant captain. According to the description, you will have to face manifestations of the merciless cosmos, struggle to dismantle the wreckage in quest of values, as well as resolve everyday issues.

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