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Top 5 Astonishing Vape Tricks To Amaze Your Friends


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Whether you’re a novice vapor or a seasoned cloud chaser, admiring the vapor created by your preferred e-liquid is always entertaining. You have to confess that there are certain clouds that you can’t help but stretch out and run your fingers through. However, some of the individuals feel compelled to produce more than simply a spectacular cloud of vapor. They want to do some vape tricks.

Learning vape techniques is a fun way to spend time while also impressing your buddies. You might even start developing your strategies to teach others as you become better at them. Do you want to learn how to perform tricks using your vape? If that’s the case, keep reading, and you’ll know the most remarkable and strangest vape techniques that’ll make you stand out.

What are some cool vape tricks to show off your friends?

The popularity of vaping is increasing drastically, with over 55 million global users in 2021. With it, vape tricks are becoming a trend among vaping enthusiasts. These simple vape tricks may take some practice before you can call yourself an expert, but it is well worth all the effort if you want to amaze your family and friends with these vape skills. Here are some vape tricks that you can master:

  1. The ghost:

This technique is also known as the ‘Snap Inhale’ or the ‘Mushroom Mist.’ It entails exhaling a haze of vapor before quickly drawing it back in. It’s one of the most simple vaping techniques, so if you’re new to the game, look no further. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Allow a few moments for a draw from your preferred vaporizing gadget to linger in your cheeks.
  • Make a sphere out of all the vapor in your mouth. At first, drill solo to get the idea of how to exhale and ensure it comes out in a single short, round burst.
  • Inhale all of the vapor straight into your mouth as quickly as possible; you should notice a little “ghost” of steam as it is pulled back in.
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As you’ll see, this is a basic three-step technique that doesn’t take long to master. For an ideal cloud of vape, you may try best cheap vape mods. The quality of their e-liquid is flavorful and leaves a fruity taste in your mouth. This way, you’ll never get tired of practicing as the taste will always keep you fresh.

  1. The French breath:

The French breath is one of the most elegant vaping techniques available. It’s simple to perform and serves as a foundation for a variety of other popular vape techniques. And if you’ve previously mastered ghosting, learning the French trick should be a breeze.

This technique aims to exhale via your lips and inhale through your nostrils. The Irish waterfall is another name for this technique.

  • Hold the vapor in your mouth as the initial stage in this technique. Then you must open your mouth. You need to make sure you’re not inhaling at the exact moment as you open your lips so you don’t push the vapor away.
  • You should be able to let the cloud from your mouth. After that, gently shut your mouth. It’s important to remember that you’re still maintaining your breath.
  • Finally, you must inhale via your nose for the final step. At the same time, as you gently shut your lips, you inhale through your nose.
  1. The dragon

The wonderful thing about the dragon is that it seems to be very tough and complex, yet it is relatively simple. When you do the dragon, it will appear as though you are spewing clouds from four distinct places: both your nostrils and the two edges of your mouth.

  • This technique is divided into two parts. You’ll typically vape during the first step, but you’ll want to shut your mouth midway to have openings on both sides. It helps to broaden your grin if you find it challenging.
  • The second step is much more straightforward. All you have to do is exhale via your nose.
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Combining both phases to make it appear like a dragon’s breath is the most challenging component. It will feel as though your lungs are being emptied. Try it again, but this time with an angry dragon’s face.

  1. The tornado:

The term is both amusing and frightening, and you can be sure that anybody who witnesses this vape trick will be impressed. The goal of this move is to create a flat pond of vapor that develops into a tornado. A mod that produces thick, motionless fog is ideal for the tornado vape.

  • All you must do is gently exhale your vapor, make sure to do it on a very flat surface, and remember that it must be very thick.
  • The next stage is to hack away at the surface with your hands.
  • After that, lift your arm and flick your wrist up.
  • Make sure you finish everything at once.
  1. Making ‘O’:

This technique involves creating the alphabet O out of vapor, as the name suggests.

  • It’s as simple as taking a deep draw and holding it in the throat.
  • Also, make sure your tongue is in the back of your neck and at the base of your mouth.
  • The next step is to make an ‘O’ curve with the lips, which will not be too difficult.
  • Make rapid, pulsating motions with your throat and enable the vape to flow out in the form of the letter O after you’ve mastered the O pattern.

In conclusion

Doing precisely what the instructions say is the best approach to learn these vape techniques. You may rehearse in front of a mirror to observe what you’re doing incorrectly. Also, don’t be disheartened if you can’t do a specific trick immediately, and remember that most of them will take you some time to perfect.

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