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Top 6 Cannabis Strains for Sparking Creativity


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When your muse doesn’t show up for work one day, you need something else to spark your creativity. Using cannabis is an excellent way to get creative juices flowing. It’ll help you get things done. You’ll never leave a project unfinished, and the quality of your work will be exceptional.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not. Marijuana is the muse you’ve always needed and wanted. Certain strains can not only get you high but will get your creative vibes going. New ideas, concepts, and theories, known as Divergent Thinking (DT), will race through your mind, and you’ll be compelled to put them into your project. Cannabis and creativity go hand-in-hand.

Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid for Creativity?

When choosing a strain for creativity, it’s essential to know if you’re getting a Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Sativas give you an energizing, uplifting, euphoric, and creative high. On the other hand, Indicas will make you mellow, relaxed, and calm. Sometimes, however, Indicas can make you creative. That is, if you don’t fall asleep. Hybrids can go either way. Some are Sativa-Dominant, some are Indica-Dominant.

If you’re planning on growing your cannabis, you must know what type of strain you want. You’ll also need to be able to identify each plant, so you know what you’re growing. Sativa plants can grow to 12 feet tall and have pale, skinny leaves that point outward and upward. Indica plants grow to be half the size of Sativa plants and have broad, dark green leaves that grow closer together. If you’re interested in growing marijuana, you can buy best seed strains to grow marijuana outdoor.

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Generally speaking, Sativas and Hybrid/Sativa-Dominants are great for creativity. But, some Indica and Hybrid/Indica-Dominant strains can keep you calm while you create your masterpiece project.

6 Best Marijuana Strains for Creativity

With so many choices out on the market, choosing which one will be a creative muse for you can be difficult. You have many things to consider. Are you creating during the day or night? Are you tired and need a pick-me-up? Are you energized and need to calm down? Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid — which one do you choose. Here, you’ll find help choosing a strain or two with a list of some of the best cannabis strains for creativity.

Jack Herer – Hybrid/Sativa-Dominant

A legendary strain, Jack Herer is also known as “JH,” “The Jack,” “Premium Jack,” and “Platinum Jack”. It’s well-known for its energizing and creative effects. Named after the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, Jack Herer is a mix of a Hybrid named “Haze” with “Northern Lights #5” and “Shiva Skunk”. It has a spicy flavor and piney aroma. Producing a cerebral and blissful effect, it’s almost like creativity comes naturally. 

Snoop’s Dream – Hybrid/Indica-Dominant

Anything that’s named after Snoop Dog has to be good. And, Snoop’s Dream is no exception. As legend has it, Snoop’s Dream is believed to be a cross between two of Snoop’s favorite strains — “Blue Dream” and “Master Kush”. But no one knows for sure. Fruity and piney in flavor, Snoop’s Dream will give you a euphoric and out-of-the-box-thinking high. 

Chemdawg – Hybrid/Sativa-Dominant

With Chemdawg, also called “Chemdog,” you can expect a potent mind-buzz coupled with a full-body high. You get the best of both worlds with this strain, making Chemdawg in a class of its own. Its intense, sharp, and diesel-like aroma will encompass you. It’s that strong. With “Chemdog’s” cerebral effects, you’ll indeed have an explosion of creativity.

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Tangie – Sativa

Kind of a remake of the popular version of “Tangerine Dream,” Tangie is well-known with people in Amsterdam. This energizing strain is excellent for when you could use a Muse. Its tangy, citrus flavor packs a punch, making it recognizable to anyone’s palette. Tangie has a tangerine aroma that can cloud any room. Expect euphoric yet mellow effects that will help you create your next big project.

LSD – Hybrid/Sativa Dominant

LSD, as the name suggests, will give you a dreamy, euphoric effect with a complete body buzz. Its earthy flavor and aroma will take you to forests, beaches, and mountains, giving you the “environment” necessary to create. A cross between Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1, LSD will take you on a creative journey that you’ll never forget.

Jillybean – Hybrid/Sativa Dominant

Also known as, “Jilly Bean,” this strain is a cross between Orange Velvet and Space Queen. Producing euphoric and uplifting effects, Jillybean promotes constant and consistent creativity. Imagine mango and tangy oranges when it comes to Jillybean’s flavor and a clean, citrus aroma that will revitalize you.


Looking at the list, it’s clear that Hybrid/Sativa-Dominant strains dominate the market for creativity. Their energizing, uplifting, and euphoric effects are favorite among writers, musicians, artists, and anyone working in a creative field. Keep in mind that Sativa and Hybrid/Sativa-Dominant strains are usually for daytime use, as they’ll keep you alert and awake. Be careful with consumption, however, as you don’t want to develop a bad weed habit that could negatively impact your life

Sometimes creativity doesn’t come easily, and you need a Muse that will break your creative block. Cannabis is a natural way to keep the creativity flowing so that you can complete projects that you’re proud to have worked on. Cannabis, it seems, is not just for recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s also for creativity and productivity. Check genyoutube download youtube video

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