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The 10 Physician Specialities Being Most Sought After in 2023


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Physicians help to keep our country safe, healthy, and secure. Unfortunately, many essential healthcare positions are remaining unfilled in the last few years, causing a national health crisis as a result. There are ten physician specialties, in particular, that are being highly sought after in 2023: 

1. Orthopedic Surgery Physician

If you want to lead a long, healthy life, you need to keep your joints, bones, and muscles in tip-top shape. Without qualified orthopedic surgery physicians, the American populace will fail to stay as bone-healthy as we’d like to. Especially for those who work tough, physically demanding jobs, or who have hopes of becoming sports stars, access to orthopedic surgery physicians can be a life-or-death issue. 

2. Family Medicine Physician

Family medicine physicians are in incredibly high demand in 2023. To keep our future generations healthy, we need professionals who are dedicated to keeping our youth healthy and prepared for long, healthy lives. Thankfully, there are efforts in place to hire more family medicine physicians across the US in 2023. Finding quality healthcare jobs is important for every US citizen, after all. 

3. Critical Care Physician

When accidents occur, and a patient is in critical condition, specially qualified physicians need to step in to ensure victims get the care they need as quickly as humanly possible. Unfortunately, ERs across the US are suffering from a limited number of critical care physicians. Especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this shortage has become more well-known in the public eye. Hopefully, this critical crisis will be averted in the future as more qualified critical care physician candidates are found. 

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4. Neurology Physician

Neurology physicians concern themselves with the brain and are key to helping victims of stroke and other neurological conditions lead fulfilling lives. Especially for elderly patients across the nation, ensuring that we can fill the neurology physician roles that remain open is crucial. Doing so will help protect our older population members from dealing with sub-par care issues. 

5. Cardiology Physician 

Cardiovascular systems help keep the body healthy and ensure that we lead long lives. With this in mind, you want only the best of the best overseeing your cardiovascular health. Currently, there’s a particularly high demand for qualified cardiology physicians across the US, so many patients are not receiving the care they need in a timely fashion. Efforts have been put in place to help fill these positions in 2023. 

6. Gastroenterology Physician 

Gut health is key to leading a fulfilling, able-bodied life. Many of the body’s most pressing operations happen in the gastrointestinal tract, so knowing that your gut health is top-tier is a must. With the current demand for gastroenterology physicians making front-line news, the public is becoming more aware of how important gut health is, while simultaneously worrying about whether they can access the valuable care they need (and deserve) in 2023. 

7. Dermatology Physician

Skincare is not only key to beauty but to your overall physical health as well. Dermatology physicians work tirelessly to keep skin healthy and to spot early signs of skin cancer for millions of patients across the country. Keeping dermatology offices staffed is key to maintaining skin health across the nation. 

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8. Gynecology Physician

Women around the US need quality gynecologist physicians to ensure they lead healthy lives. Especially for women who are expecting in 2023, having a doctor they can trust to see them through to their delivery date is key. Because there is a high demand for gynecology physicians right now, it’s key that those looking to get into the field use their bargaining power to land quality contracts. After all, their valuable work deserves to be rewarded with a high paycheck. 

9. Internal Medicine Physician 

There is a huge variety of important healthcare tasks that internal medicine physicians oversee for the American public. Without the tireless work of these highly-qualified physician experts, many internal diseases would be difficult to catch before it’s too late. For this reason, it’s troublesome that a lack of internal medicine physician professionals is now harming the state of US healthcare. Filling these positions ASAP will be a key fight for our nation’s future health in 2023. 

10. Psychiatry Physician 

Mental health is just as important as physical health. If you’re not taking care of your mental needs, or ignoring signs of mental disorders, it could severely affect your ability to lead a satisfying, healthy life, after all. For this reason, we need as many expert psychiatry physicians as possible to serve the American public. They provide unique services that ensure other psychiatric professionals can diagnose, and treat patients effectively, so their jobs are non-negotiable.

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