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Top Project Management Tools For Human Resources in 2023


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Human resources is an essential department in every organisation since it is often the personnel and how they are handled that determine a company’s success, among other things. However, managing teams of people and projects may be difficult and time-consuming. 

Continue reading to learn about six project management technologies that human resource departments need this year to streamline HR tasks.

  • Resource Guru 

You can identify and monitor equipment in one schedule with this programme for human resources, freeing your time for other HR-related tasks. With this programme, you can monitor capacity concerns and avoid duplicate reservations thanks to its granular availability capabilities. 

Resource Guru can interface with any device, enabling you to track metrics like billable and non-billable time as well as equipment utilisation rates. Important aspects of the Resource Guru programme include:

  • Resource management and scheduling
  • reports on project forecasts
  • Systems for scheduling meetings, equipment, and leave management
  • project planning
  • TimeCamp

You can keep track of your working hours and billable time with this time tracking software. It also enables you to assign resources, identify the projects that team members are working on, and organise the team’s workflow. 

You may handle all of the financial elements of the company from a single spot with the aid of the budgeting tool included in the TimeCamp programme. 

The TimeCamp HR software has a number of important functions, such as:

  • Attendance components for various types of work leaves
  • Estimations and project management
  • Feature-rich timesheets for approvals
  • Reports on group projects
  • GPS monitoring
  • Budgeting a project
  • Tracking time automatically
  • Paymo

With the aid of the time-tracking project management application Paymo, you can generate reports on the number of hours that each employee put in to determine their fair remuneration.  

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Two different time-tracking options are provided by this project management application, including:

  • Manual timekeeping 

When using manual tracking, your team keeps a digital trail of when they log into and off of each workstation.

  • Timekeeping that is automatic

Automatic tracking records all on-screen behaviours while running in the background of the device. Desktops, mobile phones, laptops, and iOS are some of these gadgets. 

This application allows you to track how much time your employee spends checking email, using the internet, and working on the project itself. 

You may ascertain and comprehend the total working hours of your staff members as well as jobs that are invoiced or unbilled using automated and manual time tracking.

  • HR Cloud

You can manage onboarding, personnel records, and company culture with the aid of HR Cloud, a project management tool that is available from a variety of platforms, including PCs and mobile phones. 

This human resources application is perfect for businesses of all sizes, can be tailored to meet certain business requirements, and all crucial data is saved in the cloud. 

HR Cloud has a number of important characteristics, including:

  • Employee database
  • Survey
  • Rewards and acclaim
  • Customised processes and forms
  • E-signatures
  • Organisational communications
  • Internal business dialogue
  • HeySpace

Consider purchasing HeySpace if you want a project management solution that keeps you in contact with various divisions of the business. 

You may interact with coworkers, customers, and other departments using the user-friendly human resource management system HeySpace.

Since HeySpace includes task management, project management, and communication functions, you won’t need to spend money on other products. Additionally, you don’t need to move to other programmes. 

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The following are some essential HeySpace project management features:

  • Offices with different layouts for various departments, teams, and clientele
  • Documents attachments on Google
  • Accessible as a web, desktop, or mobile application
  • Convenience tools like text editors, mentions, status, copy, and repeating activities
  • Group and individual talks
  • Skype calls
  • Flexible projects
  • Integration with TimeCamp
  • Built-in calendars
  • Notifications
  • Basecamp

This project management and team communication application includes calendar and file management tools to assist create resource hubs for speedy staff onboarding.

You may establish new employee profiles with Basecamp to save and distribute important documents like payroll information, staff handbooks, holiday schedules, and medical benefit paperwork. 

Additionally, the programme offers a site where new employees may download, complete, and submit paperwork. 

You may also assign tasks during the first few days after hire using the project management tool. This saves time that would have been required to send emails for a variety of tasks.

Using Basecamp’s calendar tool, you can notify new hires about important future business gatherings and events like team outings, conferences, seminars, and training.


To make hiring, assigning, and managing work less stressful, project management tools are essential. Learn how to use the aforementioned vital tools, and this year, spend money on software that will help your human resources department.

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