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Top Reasons To Wear Merino Wool Apparels


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Many people compare merino wool with that wool, which their grandma used to knit sweaters for them. But no, both of them are entirely different fabrics. The one we are going to talk about in this article is the merino wool; which comes from Merino wool sheep. This fabric has some amazing properties, making it an ideal choice for clothing like merino shirts. Moreover, the best part about merino wool clothes is that they are multi-seasonal. 

Yet, If you are not sure about buying it, below are the 

1. Top five reasons to wear merino wool apparels

* Multi-seasonal

As you all know – merino wool comes from merino sheep. And this animal is quite good at regulating their body temperature according to the environment. Their hairs(wool) is what helps them in doing so. Which means that merino wool clothes can be worn in any season. But is there any scientific logic for this feature?

The merino wool has two layers: the inner and outer ones. The inner layer is hydrophilic, and the outer layer is hydrophobic. Hydrophilic layer(inner) absorbs your sweat and makes your skin calm, in summers. On the other hand, the hydrophobic layer(outer) is water rippling, which means it does not absorb the moisture, keeping your body warm in winters. Besides, merino wool shirts are best for those, traveling in different zones(seasons) regularly. 

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* Easy Caring

The biggest issue every man and woman faces is taking care of their clothes. Whether it’s your beloved leather jacket or your all-time favorite shirt, every garment needs proper care. But do you know that merino wool shirts are also known as non-iron shirts? And this is because they do not get dirty and smelly quickly, which means there’s no need to wash it regularly. Also, ironing once is enough as this fabric is very strong and doesn’t get wrinkled so fast. 

* Biodegradable

There’s nothing in this world that lasts forever. Also one day your merino wool shirts will get old, and you have to throw them away. Besides, you will be happy to know that your shirts will not stay for long in those dirty dumping grounds. And this is because merino wool is a biodegradable fabric and takes only 1-4 years to degrade in the earth. On the other hand, synthetic material like nylon, it takes about 30-40 years to degrade. 

2. Easy To Clean And Dry

The fabric of many non-iron shirts gets damaged or shrink only after a single wash. On the other hand, merino wool shirt men are very easy to clean and dry without shrinking. Although these shirts don’t get dirty very quickly, as said above. But by chance, if it gets, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning part. Moreover, there are a few ways by which you can increase the lifespan of your merino shirts. Here are some major key points that you need to keep in mind when washing your merino wool shirts:

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* Use Lukewarm Water

When you are cleaning your merino shirts men3, make sure you use only lukewarm water. Excessive hot or cold water can damage the quality of the fabric. 

* Hand Wash

Instead of using your high powered washing machine, washing your merino wool shirts with your hand is the best technique. Also, do it with light hands as going hard can lose the stitchings and all. 

*Final Words

These are the top four reasons to wear merino wool apparel. We hope you like reading this blog. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with all your friends and loved ones. “Bye Bye”


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