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Reach the benefits offered by Cloud Computing Today


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Cloud computing, in computer science, is a model that provides ubiquitous and convenient network access on demand for shared computing resources (e.g., data networks, servers, storage devices, applications, applications, and services – together and widely separate), which can be quickly secured and released with minimal operating costs and/or calls to the service provider.

Reaching the benefits offered today by cloud-based Internet services is impossible today, except with calculators and other devices that were not originally designed to work on the Internet. All electronics with Internet access, released today, and scheduled for release tomorrow – desktops, laptops and notebooks, internet tablets and smartphones, smartphones and navigators, most phones, and even handheld multimedia and gaming devices necessarily have a key a function needed to work with cloud computing – a browser.

Purpose of the work:   to find out whether it is possible to use cloud technologies in a modern school, how effective and necessary it is to improve the educational process and improve the quality of education, what kind of information services are needed for all participants in the educational process.

Hypothesis:   The introduction of cloud computing training in Abu Dhabi into the educational process is a necessary step in improving the quality of education


  1. find out what cloud computing is;
  2. consider the term “cloud”;
  3. consider the history of cloud computing development;
  4. highlight the causes and problems that hinder the application of cloud technologies;
  5. analyze the effectiveness of the introduction of cloud technologies in the educational process to improve the quality of education.

Compared to conventional technologies, cloud computing allows you to manage a much bigger network, serve different user groups within the same cloud, and also mean complete dependence on the cloud service provider.

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Examples of the use of cloud technologies in education include electronic diaries and magazines, personal accounts for students and teachers, interactive reception, and more. These are thematic forums where students can exchange information. This is a search for information, where students can solve certain educational problems even in the absence of a teacher or under his guidance.

To do this, you can use:

  • Computer programs
  • electronic textbooks
  • Diagnostic, testing and training systems
  • Application and tools
  • CCNA course in Dubai
  • Telecommunication systems (e-mail, teleconferencing
  • Digital libraries and more.

Cloud technologies have become possible due to the rapid development of hardware: the power of the processor is growing day by day, a multi-core architecture, and the amount of hard disk space are being developed. Yes, and internet channels have become much wider and faster.

Thus, the cloud is not the Internet itself, but a whole set of hardware and software that enables the processing and execution of client applications. By the way, even such a simple action as searching for a page on a website is an example of cloud computing.

Cloud technologies are coming to the rescue because with their help it is no longer necessary to carry a flash drive or a cable to connect to a smartphone. Now your files can be remotely saved to cloud storage ah.

In our time there are plenty of such repositories and each of them will compete with each other. And we just have to choose the one we like and which will be more affordable than others.

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