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How To Close a Deal as an Entrepreneur


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As an entrepreneur, you have a bit more determination and confidence than the average person. However, those traits alone won’t necessarily help you become a successful entrepreneur. For that, you need to learn how to close deals effectively.

Closing deals may not come naturally to you at the moment, but there are things you can do to improve your deal-closing skills. The better you become at making sales, the easier it will be to take your business from a humble startup to a successful company that gives you a handsome profit. Here are a few tips for learning how to close a deal as an entrepreneur.

How To Prepare

Before you can close a deal, you have to prepare to deliver convincing sales pitches. Unless you are able to convince a potential buyer that your product or service will improve his or her life in some way, your chances of closing are dismal.

Unfortunately, a worldwide pandemic has thrown a wrench into closing sales. You will likely have to conduct at least some of your sales meetings online, which means you need to learn how to become super convincing from a distance. Fortunately, a virtual office background can help add to your credibility when trying to close virtual deals.

When you utilize a virtual background for your meetings, you can impress your potential buyers by selecting a background that looks very professional and legitimate. In real life, you might be sitting in your messy basement office with scattered papers all over your desk. But the potential buyers you’re meeting with will never know that. When choosing the right Zoom office background, just make sure you’re selecting one that will help you seem as professional and trustworthy as possible. These two traits will help you close deals.

Don’t forget to make sure you meet all Zoom virtual background requirements before scheduling your first virtual sales pitch. The last thing you want to do is try setting a background up at the last minute only to discover that you have to update your system and won’t be able to utilize the background for your meeting that’s starting in five minutes. Preparation is key to making the right impression virtually.

Best Negotiation Strategies

In addition to mastering your virtual presentation skills, you also need to develop good negotiation strategies if you plan to close deals as an entrepreneur. You should plan for any potential deal to end in some type of negotiation before you can close. Here are a few strategies to remember when negotiating:

  • Know who you are negotiating with and what they want or value
  • Listen more than you speak
  • Set your boundaries in advance and don’t cross them (or you may seem desperate)
  • Study sales skills and use them to negotiate effectively
  • Practice with colleagues and friends until negotiating feels like second nature
  • Be objective, never emotional

These negotiation strategies will help you negotiate like a pro. The more comfortable you are with negotiating, the more likely you are to close deals that are beneficial to both you and the person on the other end of the negotiation.

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