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Tori Roloff: I Have a Possible Name for My Baby!


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Tori Roloff has provided fans with an update on… pretty much all aspects of her life.

Or at least a few of the most important.

First, as you might imagine, most of the reality star’s Instagram followers were curious this week about the life growing inside of Tori’s womb.

She and husband Zach confirmed they were expecting their third child in mid-November, announcing the boy or girl was due some time this spring.

The Little People, Big World cast member has already said she doesn’t plan on finding out the gender of this impending child, which is why she isn’t certain at the moment just what the son or daughter will be named.

“Do you have a name picked out for the baby?” a fan asked Tori during a recent Q&A session.

This prompted the following reply from Roloff, who is mother to four-year old Jackson and two-year old Ember:

Boy: Yes; Girl: I go back and forth daily.


Previously, Tori opened up about an unfortunate aspect of this pregnancy.

If you’ll recall, Roloff suffered a miscarriage in March, which explains why it’s been challenging for her to get overly excited about this ongoing experience.

“I feel like miscarriage truly steals your joy,” Tori wrote candidly last month, adding:

“This pregnancy, it’s been so difficult to get excited.”

She added at the time:

“However, we have seen baby multiple times and we’ve heard his/her heartbeat a ton. And it’s strong.

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“I’m at the point that my husband makes fun of me for going to all the appointments because my OB teased that by the third most women skip out on them…

“I am so grateful to God for this gift. This pure and whole gift and I am so thankful that my body is capable of growing this sweet life.”

Roloff is five months along, she recently added, which means we can likely expect to miss her third child in late March or April.

Elsewhere, meanwhile, Tori was asked about land ownership.

She and Zach recently moved to a new home, a development that took some observers by surprise because they thought perhaps this couple would take over Roloff Farms someday.



“Some things just don’t go according to plan. But it all worked out for us,” Tori said of the farm possibility, saying of her new residence:

“We’re loving this little slice of heaven.”

Finally, another participant in this Q&A session wanted to know about Tori and Zach’s daughter, Lilah.

“How’s [sic] Lilah’s eyes been?” this individual asked, referring to a medical issue Tori has touched on in the past.


“She was actually supposed to have surgery this last [sic] week, but we canceled it for the time being because she has been doing so well with patching and glasses,” replied Tori.

“I was feeling a little uncomfortable with surgery right now (even though we’re pretty sure she’ll need it in the future).

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“But she’s improving, and that’s what we’re thankful for!”

Lilah was diagnosed with strabismus in 2020.

During a past episode of Little People, Big World Tori opened up about what that means for the toddler’s health.

“Lilah has strabismus so she wears glasses to help get her eyes realigned,” Tori explained on Tuesday, June 29.

“Now she also has to wear an eye patch for an hour a day, hopefully to correct the inward turning of her right eye.”

“Sweet girl has what’s called strabismus. Basically, she’s crossed-eyed,” the mom of two also wrote in November 2020.

“She’s had it since birth, and we’ve always joked that she’s our crossed-eyed beauty queen. Turns out, it’s a legit thing. I’m not going to lie.

“There’s been a lot of mixed emotions (mostly from me, not her), but we put [glasses] on her for the first time today, and she seems relatively unbothered by them.

“It’s going to take me a minute to get used to seeing my sweet bean behind glass, but I’m warming up to the glasses as we speak!

“Really, she does just keep getting cuter. Love you, sweet crossed-eyed beauty queen!”


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