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Tori Roloff: When is She Due? What is She Having?


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We said it before, but we’re just so excited that we’re psyched to say it again.

Maybe even in all capital letters this time:


The beloved Little People, Big World star announced this week that she and husband Zach are expecting a sibling for son Jackson and daughter Lilah in the near future, writing as confirmation on Instagram:

“We are so excited to share some exciting news with you! Baby Roloff will be joining us this spring and we are so grateful to God for this sweet gift!”

The first reaction for nearly all TLC viewers is simply one of celebration, as Tori suffered a miscarriage in March and then talked openly about her difficulties trying to conceive afterward.

But the follow-up reaction now is one of curiosity.

Two questions have been coming to mind for those who pay close attention to the Roloffs and their reality show.

First, when is Tori due?

We don’t have an exact answer to that question aside from the information Tori provided on Wednesday: some time this spring.

Based on the photos above and below, however, Roloff is already showing a baby bump.

It’s also safe to assume she waited until she was beyond 12 weeks pregnant to make this announcement (past the point, in other words, when most miscarriages occur), so let’s say Tori is around 20 weeks along.

This is merely a guess.

It would put her due date some time in mid-to-late April, though. Which does fall into the category of “spring,” as she and Zach have noted.

Second, folks really want to know if Tori is having a boy or a girl.

On that subject, Roloff just told an Instagram follower “we’re going to be surprised.”

tori gender

So there you have it.

We don’t know if Jackson and Lilah are getting a brother or sister until the baby arrives… probably at some point in April.

The couple, who got married in 2015, did throw a gender reveal party ahead of Jackson’s birth in 2017. For the gathering, Tori wore blue while Zach wore pink.

“It’s a … BOY!” the TLC personality shared on Instagram at the time. “Zach and I are so excited to finally find out what we are having!”

This baby news of the pregnancy comes just over a week after Zach’s brother and sister-in-law, Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff, welcomed their third child, a boy named Radley.

Zach’s youngest brother, Jacob Roloff, and his wife, Isabel Sofia Rock, meanwhile, are looking forward to the birth of their own son in December.

“Such an exciting time,” Matt Roloff, the patriarch of the Roloff family, commented on Tori’s post.

“Soo happy to see these babies are rolling in fast and furious! #grandpalove.”

We could not agree more!

Congratulations to Tori and Zach… and Audrey and Jeremy…. and Jacob and Isabel.

Just, congraulations all around these days to the Roloffs!

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