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Tori Spelling Seen RAGING After Meeting with Divorce Attorney


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It’s been apparent since very early this year that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are over.

The problem has been that they’re just too broke to take the necessary steps to formally end the marriage.

It looks like that has changed, but ended this weird marital limbo has its drawbacks.

Tori was spotted in an obvious rage outside of an attorney’s office this week while carrying divorce-related documents. It’s happening!

On Monday, Tori Spelling’s public display of aggravation took place in a parking lot outside of an attorney’s office.

She was practically seething, Page Six reported, as she apparently processed a stressful conversation.

Of particular interest were the documents that she held in one hand while she angrily shouted into a phone.

Tori held a notepad at the time that, it is reported, showed key words related to a divorce process.

Those words included “custody,” “support,” and “assets.”

For months, Tori and Dean have both refused to confirm that they are divorcing, but these handwritten notes paint a very different picture.

Tori was dressed in a sleek and even professional outfit, with her hair pulled back into a businesslike ponytail.

Was she chic? Yes. But she looked like how you’d dress to meet an attorney.

It’s actually a great look for her. The palpable rage and frustration, however, were less becoming — yet entirely understandable.

According to the report, Tori hunched over while gesticulating aggressively.

All the while, she clutched her yellow legal pad full of notes.

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“Pig pen — get quote,” read one note. “AAA Jump Start Van” read another.

Car trouble, possibly needing to repair some sort of animal enclosure, and a divorce? Those are a lot of things to deal with at once.

Tori apparently entered a large, gray SUV by herself and drove off.

She was alone — with Dean in particular nowhere in sight.

Some people assume that divorces are only contentious if there’s a huge custody fight, if the exes hate each other, or if there’s a fortune to divide.

One can understand (though not sympathize) if a billionaire is dreading losing ten figures of their net worth in a split.

Tori and Dean are famous celebrities with a net worth that most Americans might envy … but they’re not rolling in dough.

But of course Tori and Dean will likely fight over money during their divorce.

After all, it was a huge factor in their marriage.

Why would they suddenly stop arguing about finances now?

Even so, we of course have to remind ourselves that Tori and Dean have not publicly confirmed that they are divorcing.

Instead, they have expressed that they are mystified that people are so interested in their lives … while not denying the news, either.

Tori has been an actress for more than three decades. You’d think that she would understand what it means to be famous by now.

In addition to money being a big concern, apparently they also argued over their many pets (which were also expensive).

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There were also concerns about Dean’s past cheating and trust issues regarding him working far away from home.

So far, there have been no reports of a final blowup fight … just a marriage that ran its course some time ago.


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