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Value Of A Witness Statement In A Newport Beach Accident


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Tracking the contact information of the potential witnesses after facing an accident is not the only essential thing that one needs to consider. Moving forward in the process and receiving a statement is also important. Ignoring this process might result in missing vital evidence that might strengthen their compensation claim. But this is not possible for someone seriously injured in the accident. Therefore it is recommended to seek help from a Newport Beach personal injury attorney who would handle all the essential proceedings. At the same time, the victim of the accident can focus on recovery. 

However, without an attorney, the value of such statements is realised much later when it’s too late, and the situation can’t be reversed. Therefore, to make people more conscious and knowledgeable, here are some important reasons reflecting the value and necessity of such witness statements.

Witness Statements Are Neutral:

As witnesses are considered neutral parties with no intention of partiality, their statements approve the real-time truth of the incident and strengthen the case. They are no more than general observers who have no loss or gain on someone’s accident cases. If the witnesses are someone’s friends or family, there might be a place of care for them, but that doesn’t disregard them as potential witnesses. There might be a few challenges that one can easily overcome by consulting a personal injury attorney.

Witness Statements Are Known To Establish Important Facts:

Accidents happen without any prior notice and in the blink of an eye. Therefore it is not always possible for the people who have survived an accident to provide all the essential details of the incident. Sometimes they might also be unsure of certain information that is essential in filing a lawsuit or insurance claim. 

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Moreover, in case of negligence, one party might not be willing to accept the fault for legal implications. Here comes the importance of a witness statement as witnesses can help with their correct observation of the colour of light during an intersection accident, of the exact location where an injury is caused, or prove the fault of the negligent driver, which can cast a considerable amount of light on the case proceedings.

Final Thoughts:

It might have been clear by now that one can strengthen the case with the help of a witness statement with all the essential information. But the witness statement should possess clear and straightforward information, which is impossible without assistance from an attorney who is well-versed in interviewing the witness and ensuring the clarity of the statement. 


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