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Tori Spelling Tries to Explain Why Husband is Absent From Family Christmas Card


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Tori Spelling is getting into the holiday spirit.

By acting like a romantic Grinch, some might say.

On Monday, the veteran actress unveiled her family’s 2021 Christmas card, sharing the following image with followers around the world.

As you can see, it includes kids Liam Aaron, Stella Doreen, Hattie Margaret, Finn Davey and Beau Dean.

It also includes a message that reads as follows:

“Happy Holiday… With love, from our farm to your family home! xoxo, Tori & family.”

What a pretty picture and what a nice sentiment, right?

But here’s the thing about Tori and her self-proclaimed family: it does NOT, apparently, include husband Dean McDermott.

Now… one might look at this as a simple oversight, even though it would be challenging for anyone to explain how his or her spouse just accidentally got left out of a Christmas card signed by the “family.”

For Spelling, however, such an explanation seems especially far-fetched because divorce rumors have been swirling around her and McDermott for months.

If not years, even.

Just a few days ago, Spelling also snubbed McDermott on his birthday.

Late last month, an insider confirmed to Us Weekly that Spelling “wants a divorce, but she feels trapped right now.”

Following what the tabloid described as a “bad fight,” McDermott “went missing” in October and remained absent from the home for multiple days.

“She went ballistic,” the source said of Spelling’s response, adding that the mother of six is “pissed” about her husband’s erratic behavior.

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Additionally, there’s been chatter for as long as we can recall that Spelling and McDermott are basically broke, as the spouses continually fight over their financial plight.

This brings us back to the Christmas card.

Is this Spelling’s way of finally admitting her marriage is over?

We mean, two goats, a pig and a chicken even made the photographic cut for the card.

But not Tori’s own husband and the father of her kids.

After a bunch of Instagram users pointed this out, Spelling attempted set the record straight in the comment section by writing:

“Fact: @imdeanmcdermott was filming his new feature film in Canada.”

This may be true.

But then why not take the picture earlier in the year, knowing McDermott would be away and knowing they’d want to send out a card at some point?

This isn’t the first time that Dean has missed a family photo, either.

In 2020, Tori and their five children posed for a photographer, while Dean was “away for work.”

In his absence, Tori held up her iPad which showed a snapshot of her husband.

So at least she made some sort of effort in that case.

In October, meanwhile, the actress declined to discuss her marriage during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

Interim host Whitney Cummings delicately brought up the subject, telling her guest at the time:

“You’re allowed to hit me in the face, but I do have to ask: What is going on with that guy? Dean?”

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You know I’m not going to answer that,” Spelling replied on air, basically answering the question without directly doing so.

McDermott, we should note, has not yet commented on being left out of this Christmas card.

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