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Tristan Thompson Paternity Suit Dismissed by Texas Judge! But It’s Not Over …


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Tristan Thompson has spent the first half of this month embroiled in yet another cheating scandal.

While this is nothing new for him, this time, it involves a paternity suit.

Tristan has admitted to boning Maralee and even divulged in court how he carried on the secret affair.

Now, a Texas judge has dismissed the paternity suit … but that might be a good thing for the woman suing him.

On Wednesday, December 15, a virtual hearing took place.

Both Tristan Thompson and Maralee Nichols participated via remote video.

The pair, who had a love affair for months spanning multiple states, each offered testimony to the court.

In June, Maralee filed a paternity lawsuit against Tristan.

The venue of that lawsuit was the state of California, where she says that the affair took place at times.

Though Tristan eventually admitted that Maralee had visited his L.A. home more than once, he claimed to not recall having sex with her in California.

In July, Tristan filed his own legal action against Maralee.

His filing was in the state of Texas, where the professional trainer allegedly owns property.

The motive behind this move was clear — venue-shopping so that state laws most favor Tristan when it comes to child support.

This is not speculation, not really. It was a move to protect his estimated $45 million net worth.

In leaked text messages that Tristan reportedly sent, he all but told Maralee as much.

He told her that she could only expect a few hundred dollars a month in child support because he will soon retire, per Texas law.

It was during the Wednesday hearing that the judge ruled, dismissing the Texas case.

This was the case that Tristan had brought forth, not the one that Maralee initiated.

Her paternity suit, filed in the state of California, still stands.

According to eyewitnesses in the hearing, the court had observed that the relationship was lengthy and spanned multiple states.

Is it possible that the child was conceived in Texas? Yes, the court acknowledged.

However, both Maralee and Tristan live in California, and the child was also born in California.

For that reason, it was not surprising that the judge dismissed the Texas case.

Why? Because the case in California was filed in June, the case in Texas was filed in July.

To allow two redundant cases to move forward wouldn’t just be wasteful and confusing, but it would enable one party to pick and choose which state’s laws apply.

At this point, it will be downright strange if the paternity suit and test end up showing that Tristan is not the father.

In general, most people sued for paternity start by determining if it is true or not before taking other, drastic steps.

It seems that Tristan’s first instinct was to attempt to protect his finances, allegedly offering Maralee a payout if she would keep silent and terminate the pregnancy.

One day, this will be a very sad story for Maralee’s child to learn about.

The only question is what the child will know of Tristan — if Tristan is the father — and whether Tristan will regret all of this.

Right now, it looks like Tristan has no interest in another child, except with Khloe. This is a very sad mess.

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