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What is Utility Software? Working Explained


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The word software is defined as the logical equipment or software of a computer system, which comprises the set of necessary logical components that make it possible to carry out specific tasks, as opposed to the physical components that are called hardware.

Utility Software is a program that is intended to be used as basic tools and helps us solve problems related to the administration of a computer. Utility Software is a service program that supports the processing of jobs.

The TuneUP Utilities and the CCleaner are examples of Utility Software tools that allow us to maintain the Operating system.

-TuneUP Utilities

The TuneUP Utilities is an Example of Utility Software that allows the maintenance of the Operating system. TuneUP Utilities is also a package of applications whose purpose is to carry out complete maintenance on the computer, to defragment the hard disk, delete temporary files, make automatic adjustments to increase Internet browsing speed, defragment and correct registry errors, as well. how to customize the appearance of the system.


The CCleaner is an Example of Utility Software that allows to maintain the Operating system. CCleaner is also a closed source application whose purpose is to improve the performance of any computer that runs it by eliminating unnecessary files, invalid entries from the Windows Registry and also has the possibility of uninstalling programs from its interface as well as disable the execution of applications at system startup in order to improve the startup speed of the operating system.

Other Examples of Utility Software

Power DVD Ultra : The Power DVD Ultra is a utility software that allows you to play DVDs. 

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Winamp : Winamp is a utility software and it is a music player.

  • Alcohol 120% : Alcohol 120% is a utility software used to burn CDs or DVDs and to create an image of a game.
  • Style XP : Style XP is a utility software used to personalize your desktop.
  • WinRar and WinZip : WinRar and WinZip are utility software and are file compressors.
  • Adobe PhotoShop : Adobe PhotoShop is a utility software that allows us to edit photos and images.
  • Nero Startsmart : The Nero Startsmart like Alcohol 120% is a utility software that is used to burn CDs or DVDs.
  • Daemon tools : The Daemon tools is a utility software used to create and mount images of a game.
  • Unlocker : The Unlocker is a utility software and is used to delete folders or files that cannot be deleted.
  • Norton Partition Magic : Norton Partition Magic is a utility software and is used to create partitions without formatting the disk or losing information from the disk.
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