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7 Reasons to Use a Case Management Software


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Did you know that physicians see an average of 20 patients a day? Even more impressive, they’re often responsible for over 2,500 patients at one time.

With so many people to take care of, the amount of data they have is almost unimaginable. Are you a physician or other medical personnel? Does your job involve the management of a medical place? If so, chances are you’re looking for a simple solution to leverage and make day-to-day activities easier.

The answer you’ve been searching for is case management software. Continue reading to learn seven reasons why this modern tool is a necessity.

1. Digital Records

Keeping digital records is a must for any business organization. It not only decreases the amount of paperwork and saves paper along the way, but it’s more accessible for staff and patients alike.

This makes collaboration on cases easier and helps patients access their information when necessary as well. 

Plus, having your data kept in digital form keeps it safer than if it were on paper. This provides peace of mind that confidential information is only accessible by the appropriate people. 

Finally, keeping digital records makes it harder for information to get lost. A paper can easily get thrown away or misplaced but recovering a digital file is simple if necessary.

2. Cloud-Based Data

Any case management platform should be a cloud-based platform. This prevents data from getting lost if an accident occurs.

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Could you imagine if a company had all paper files and a fire destroyed them all? Or what if the files were available online, but they didn’t have a backup, and something led to everything being deleted.

Starting at square one when it comes to medical information can be extremely costly and lead to someone receiving improper care, or even losing their life.

Having all your important data saved on the cloud should give the program’s users an extra confidence boost.

3. Seamless Collaboration

One of the most essential things in any workplace is the ease of collaboration between team members. Using case management software makes collaboration virtually seamless. All of the team members involved in a specific case will have access to the same information.

This is helpful whether you’re in pediatrics, OT, psychology, or any other department. Transferring data digitally also helps keep it more secure.

4. Reduced Margin for Error

When you work with pen and paper, it’s easy for things to get misconstrued or filled out improperly if handwriting is hard to read or things get written in the wrong place.

With digital forms, essential information gets collected and recorded using an easy-to-read font that everyone will be able to interpret correctly. It’s also easier to see exactly what information needs to be filled out before the process is done.

This leads to fewer issues for other staff members and helps communication with the patient go smoothly. 

Plus, with the ability to sign digitally built right in, it eliminates the need for paperwork to be filled out on paper just for a signature and then scanned in to have a digital record.

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5. More Personalized Care

Giving patients control over their information and the ability to check in on results, comments, etc., makes their care feel more personalized. This can lead to more excellent patient retention and satisfaction.

Having the ability to log in to a self-service portal for a variety of reasons can often result in fewer calls as well. This frees up time for other people, again making the entire process smoother. 

You can even opt to set up appointment reminders for patients, so people don’t forget to show up. Having an appointment schedule readily available to you also makes double booking impossible, so patients can get in right away when they arrive.

6. Tasks and Reminders

Typically reminding yourself about something or seeing an overview of your tasks for the day involves writing things out yourself and crossing them off as you go along.

This can result in missing things that need to be done and not updating when specific tasks have been finished, so other team members know where you are in the process. 

Using a case management platform with built-in tasks and reminders easily fixes this issue. 

You can even create tasks and assign them to another person! This provides a “paper trail” for managers to see how quickly assignments are taken care of. This also prevents the same thing from being done by multiple people.

Overall, this feature can vastly improve efficiency in the workplace.

7. Medical Billing

The medical billing software your practice uses can make or break the overall customer experience. Having built into a platform with all other tools makes for smoother transactions.

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This also helps you collect payments on time and save the time and effort needed to do so.

Above all, having case management software like iinsight can provide you with suitable medical billing tools and every other great feature mentioned above!

Invest in Case Management Software Today

Investing in case management software benefits everyone involved, from the managers to the practitioners to the customers. 

The medical field can be a tough place to navigate, but having a platform that integrates all the tools you need in one place and backs up your data in case of an emergency can make it seem a bit easier.

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