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Virtualize Broadcast Operations With CLOUDPORT


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The broadcasting industry is eventually moving on from the hardware-based structures to a more efficient software-defined platform, that is, cloud based broadcast playout. The change is mainly due to the rapid virtualization of today’s generation. Hence, production speed is to be increased to fulfil requirements. While undergoing this transformation, the manpower that would otherwise be required is decreased.

Overview of CLOUDPORT

CLOUDPORT, being cloud-based, acts as a platform for channel playouts. Broadcast operations are of high quality, along with the flexibility of deployment. Thus, this platform enables the delivery of multiple channels via satellites or fibres amidst others. The difference that differentiatesCLOUDPORT from traditional methods of playouts is that all steps to be taken are automated. This is not the only thing on the agenda as CLOUDPORTalways gives users the possibility to perform quality checks. Graphics quality is of a remarkable standard and ensures a pleasant experience for viewers.

As we have witnessed, CLOUDPORT can be classified as the most adaptable platform today that provides hassle-free experiences in the broadcasting industry. A few networks work fine with CLOUDPORT, HLS, HD-SDI, RTMP, and VOD services.

Expectations and aid when adopting CLOUDPORT

Amagi is a well-established platform which has been awarded for quality performance.

The experts enable accurate guidance allocated to clients. With CLOUDPORT in the journey of virtualizing broadcast operations, multiple rewarding features are offered. These are:

– User friendly: The management of data and editing are all available for ease of use by clients.

– Automation services: scheduling and monitoring broadcasting services are made a lot easier with automated systems. Furthermore, alerts are also triggered upon invalid data processing or any mishap during broadcasting. Data owners can enjoy stress-free broadcasting while being updated throughout every step.

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– No new methodologies are required: the launching of channels can be done with the already existing media handling procedures. Delivery of this input is also guaranteed through a totally secured virtual playout.

– Support dynamic graphics: A rich content full of graphics and other assets can be layered without boundaries, and this smoothens the whole generation speed.

– Compatibility: Third-party networks and platforms are conveniently integrated, and users need not go through converting procedures.

– Advanced controls: In terms of skipping media such as videos, the platform will guarantee precise configuration done to raw input to enjoy this advanced operation.

Why Amagi for this service?

After proving the quality of service provided, Amagi maintains the performance level to a high standard. Client stories are evidence of the way Amagi’s team deals delicately with each case. Furthermore, working with multiple branches has enriched the skills owned as well as improve services provided.


The change to a more digitalized broadcast experience is just a few steps and clicks away. Being a trustworthy cloud playout solution, AmagiCLOUDPORT shows commitment at all steps of integration until users get the grip to proceed as they wish. The monitoring of performance level is highly abided by, and the team looks forward to paving new paths for clients!

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