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Want Mini Trucks For Shifting in Delhi? Come to Sky Tempo Service


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Mini trucks are used for shifting within short distances. This may be partial shifting of some items only within s limited area. For this large vehicles are not used. The correct solution is to use mini trucks. These are fuel efficient, strong as well as having good carrying capacity.

Which is the best suited mini truck for me?

Mini trucks are of many types. Many companies in India manufacture many mini truck models to suit every need.Though there are many mini trucks popular in the market but Tata Motors’ Tata Ace is very popular. It is known as Chota Hathi in the transport community, as it can carry heavy loads besides being small in size. It will suit your every need and requirement within short distances.

Chota hathi is a popular name for a mini truck ‘Tata Ace’ from Tata Motors. It is a lightweight carriage which quickly became popular all over India. It is the first choice among drivers of light vehicles. It is economical and strong. It is used to deliver goods for short distances especially interstate transportation. We at Sky Tempo Service use Chota hathi for delivery in Delhi and nearby areas.  So, call us to hire chota hathi for shifting in Delhi and other transportation.

An ideal mini truck should have all the qualities like capacity to carry heavy loads, fuel efficiency, strong body, strong safety measures etc. Every customer’s requirements are different and so are the mini trucks. These should be chosen wisely by the company so as to achieve customer satisfaction. All customers want their goods to be delivered safely at the destination point. This is very important in case of shifting.

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What precautions are to be taken while shifting?

Safe delivery without any damage should be the first priority of the company in shifting anything from one place to the other. All the goods to be delivered should be packed with strong and sturdy packing material. High quality packing material should be used. The vehicles should be chosen according to the goods to be shifted and the distance between the pickup point and the delivery point.

Another important thing to be kept in mind is that the vehicle should be checked thoroughly before the journey. Our experiences automobile engineers perform a regular inspection of all the vehicles. Moreover the papers of the vehicle should also be complete and up-to-date.

SkyTempo Service – Your partner in safe delivery                                                    

Our team at Sky Tempo Service is a very hard working and dedicated team. Our executives take every possible measure for customer satisfaction. Real time heroes, our drivers and helpers work round the clock to ensure timely delivery of the destined articles. Our mini trucks for shifting in Delhi are available 24 by 7. And all the year long. Our team works in all weathers just keeping in their mind, customer satisfaction.

People on various jobs have to shift to other places on being transferred. Sometimes they have to shift alone or sometimes with family. Shifting with family is very difficult. The safe transportation of expensive items is the first priority. Sky Tempo Service transportation service provides mini trucks for shifting in Delhi and promises you the safest transportation across the country. Our team is best in packing the sensitive and delicate items in tough and durable boxes. Our vehicles are checked thoroughly before departure to any destination.

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