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Want to Buy a New Glass Water Bong? 3 Tips to Make a Better Decision


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When it comes to smoking weed, no one can deny that glass water bongs are a great option. Whether you use cheap glass water bongs or expensive ones, you will always enjoy great hits. You just need to have some prior experience of smoking weed before you try taking hits from a bong. While bongs can become a little overwhelming for new weed smokers, they are a great option for experienced users. 

Bongs are available on the market in a number of styles, which can confuse a person looking to buy a new one. It does not matter if you are replacing an old bong or buying the first one for yourself, it can always get confusing to choose the right one. While a glass water bong is a favorite smoking device for a lot of people, you must pick a good quality bong for yourself to have a good experience. 

In this post, you are going to learn about some of the best tips that will help you find the best glass water bong for yourself. So, keep reading along to learn about these tips. 

Tip 1. Consider the type of herbs you are going to use

Before you set out to buy a glass water bong, you need to consider the type of herb you will be using. Water pipes can be used to enjoy both dry herbs and concentrates of marijuana. So, you should choose a pipe according to what you want to use. You just need a bowl and a pipe with a stem at a 45 or 90-degree angle to use dry herbs. For concentrates, you would need a dab nail with a stem at a 90-degree angle. 

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However, if you want to use both concentrated and dry herbs, you can also find a glass bong of the small-to-medium size that has a quartz banger attachment. With the help of a quartz banger, you can easily switch between dry herbs and concentrates.

Tip 2. Decide on the size

The second very important tip that you need to keep in mind when buying a glass bong is its size. You need to consider how you want to use a bong before you make your purchase. Consider whether you want to use it in your home only or you want to carry it outside to take hits. This will help you understand what size of bong you should be buying. If you want to use your bong only at home, you can consider buying a larger bong. But if you want to carry your bong outside with you, you should choose a smaller glass bong. In addition to this, do not forget to consider your lung capacity before buying a bong. If you are new or think that you can not take bigger hits, you should choose a smaller bong. Also, keep in mind that larger bongs are going to cost more according to their brand, material, and style. 

Tip 3. Do not forget your budget before your purchase

You can not ignore the money involved in buying a glass bong and all bong accessories. So, keep your budget in mind before you choose any bong. You should be focusing on buying a bong that is durable and elegant. Buying a stylish and intricate bong is going to cost you more. 

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Bongs are a great way to enjoy your weed. So, buy your next glass bong today by keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind. These tips will surely help you make an informed decision, helping you pick a good-quality bong.

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