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Want to get instant cashback on online transactions? Here comes a new-age credit card


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Considering the changing lifestyle and spending patterns of GenZ and millennials, Slice has designed the offers on the card in a way that advantageously caters to youths.

Apart from the interest-free period available between the purchase and due date of paying the bill, credit card providers continue to load the cards with more and more features to attract customers. Besides the conventional credit cards offered by the banks, start-ups in the financial domain have also started joining the race.

The recent country-wide lockdown and increasing work from home trend have led to a rise in online shopping for essentials, food deliveries, and entertainment with cards emerging as a preferred mode of payment.

However, one of the largest consumers in the world – GenZ & millennials – have been deprived of exclusive youth-focused credit and payments products. Moreover, inadequate, difficult to redeem and ambiguous offers and cashbacks also fail to drive any interest or delight among the youths.

Hence, to provide the best offers that are handpicked and are relevant in today’s time, new-age credit and payments start-up Slice has come up with a challenger credit card that has tailor made offers for GenZ and millennials to help them pay bills, manage expenses, and unlock instant rewards.

Considering the changing lifestyle and spending patterns of the younger generations, Slice has designed the offers on the card in a way that advantageously caters to youths.

How Fintech players are changing the way credit is perceived in India

One of the most attractive features of the card is guaranteed instant cashback, where the cashback is instant as compared to minimum 30-45 days in the case of traditional credit cards.

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While offers keep on changing time to time, examples of some of the cashback offers, subject to terms and conditions are –

  1. LinkedIn Premium: Young professionals seeking increased visibility can get flat Rs 100 cashback by using the Slice card for a LinkedIn Premium plan of Rs 800 or above.
  2. IRCTC: Youngsters are in a mood to travel to meet their family and friends, they can purchase using the Slice card on IRCTC app or website for Rs 500 and above to avail flat Rs 75 instant cashback.
  3. PhonePe: Users can have a hassle free experience while purchasing on PhonePe using the Slice card for Rs 400 or above entails a flat Rs 50 instant cashback.
  4. Flipkart: The Big Saving Days are here, purchase on Flipkart using the Slice card for Rs 1,500 or above provides Rs 250 instant cashback.

To avail such offers, users need to download and register on the Slice app, which is available on both play store and app store.

Moreover, understanding the pulse of the customers, Slice provides them the details of all offers on its app. For this, Slice has recently launched Spark, India’s first ‘offers platform’, curated exclusively for the youth.

Spark is the latest feature in Slice’s wide range of offerings which help make payments a hassle-free and delightful experience for young Indians. It offers high cashback on a single transaction, more than any other offer on the merchant.

With a dramatically easy-to-use and gamified interface, Slice has got this generation covered with their topical, functional, and utilitarian offers which are fully redeemable just by a ‘drag n drop’ option on the app.


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