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Watch Guide: 6 Important Features Pilot Watches Should Have


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There are different kinds of watches out there, from luxury, dive, sports, to pilot watches. Pilot watches were designed in such a way that they can withstand altitudinal challenges and changes. They were initially made for aviation purposes. Pilots used them as navigational directions and information devices.

Even Though they were manufactured as a device for pilots, they can be used by regular people. Some people haven’t used a pilot wristwatch but are looking into getting one for themselves. To understand these watches, one needs to know the kind of features they have. Here are five essential elements a pilot watch should have.

1. Legible Dial

If there are great features that these watches have and should be looked out for, is its eligible dial. People adorn these watches because of their unique legibility. Previously they were not as valued as they are now. A Longines Watch is a typical example of a pilot wristwatch with a legible dial. The size of their dial is 55mm, which isn’t something small. The central second’s hands are stopped by these movements to stop or stalled to avert irregular time by taking down the crown. They are large and made in such a way that people can be able to read. 

These things help make using and operating the pilot watch very easy. A legible dial can help the user or pilot quickly ascertain or get information on the watch, especially at night when the cockpit is dark. They are equipped with numbers that one can easily read. A pilot does not need to second guess but would need something to offer valid information on where they are to avert aviation disasters on air. 

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The reason for them to have an easy and quick glance despite the weather is because their dials are big and legible. They are anti-reflective with a sapphire crystal that helps them to be shatter-proof. Its reliable and durable case propels and helps it to be anti-shock. Its slide rule bezel is fully functional and productive for measurements and calculations.

2. GMT Function

These watches are always found in pilot watches. This feature plays a pivotal role in pilot watches because pilots have to fly across time zones that are always different from theirs. A great example of such a watch is the Rolex GMT Master. It is one that pilots and crew members use. They can be read day and night because they use an additional hour that rotates for 24 hours. A GMT function makes it possible for all 24 hours to be accounted for, making it possible for an hour not to be interpreted.

When flying on international flights, it helps them maintain direction and communication, thereby reducing any confusion that would have resulted if the GMT function wasn’t there. For up to 200 meters, the fleet master watch is an excellent deal for its water and scratch resistance. To control different times or synchronized time, they have a dual GMT  function. Pilot watches were made to withstand the hazards of air turbulence and battles where one is faced with uncertainties. With a GMT function, pilots’ watch rotates for 24 hours. Tracking of multiple time zones is made possible through complications like the GMT  function.

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3. Time Tracker

Its time tracking features enable pilots to keep track of all time zones and places that an average person wouldn’t be able to know. They have a GPS device in it that helps in detecting the geographical area they find themselves in. The military also employs these watches to keep track of their soldiers during war and confrontations in foreign regions. They can be used as means of communication when other traditional means seem to have failed. 

This has become a kind of watch that gentlemen can have or add to their watch collection not just for their aviation-inspired design but for their outstanding qualities and features. The watch was initially made and designed for pilots and their crews but has become something people have grown to love over time for its designs and high function. Altitudinal changes do not affect them.  Even Though pilots mostly use it, they have helped people who wear them make Gent and classic statements. They are now becoming a timepiece mainstay around people who admire or want Good wristwatches.

4. Arabic Numerals

Their Arabic numerals are one of the essential features of a pilot watch. For a glance at night, Arabic numerals are added to their hands. Most pilots watch use Arabic numerals as they are easier to read. 

5. Luminosity

These watches are made to ensure that during night flights that pilots can see clearly. To increase pilots’ visions, they coat their hands with coatings to make them visible and luminous. Luminosity ensures that the watch’s dial and hands can be bright in dark areas. 

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6. Conical Crown and Soft Iron Cage

In the early days when flying was relatively new,  pilots flew in the cockpit without heating. Because they were exposed to extreme cold, they wore thick gloves to keep their hands warm. The raised crown was an important feature that made the watch easy to use even with gloves on.

For this reason, most large-crown pilot watches exist in two replicas: onion (round) or diamond (conical). Most pilot watches today still have the same features inspired by their predecessors. Zenith has a pilot watch with a circular crown, while IWC opted for a diamond crown. The countdown function can also be activated while wearing gloves.

Mechanical watches are exposed to magnetic fields. Protection against these is therefore essential for any versatile watchmaker. The cockpit is one of the most magnetic environments to which a watch can be exposed Especially when it comes to pilot watches. Magnetic resistance is traditionally obtained with the Faraday cage principle. That is an inner soft iron cage that surrounds the movement and protects it from magnetic fields. For this reason, pilot’s watches require the use of wrought iron and anti-magnetic materials. 


Pilot watches can give you all you need in a watch. The purpose of wristwatches is to provide time to anyone who owns them. Some watches have extra functions that exceed their time-keeping purpose. Some watches have excellent and unique features that make them extraordinary.

A pilot watch has excellent features like a GMT function and others like luminosity which significantly adds value. Whenever you wonder which top type you might want to purchase, you can buy a pilot watch for its great features.

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