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A Beginner-Friendly Guide To Wcofun – An Anime Streaming Platform


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WCOFun is an online anime and cartoon streaming platform for watching cartoon movies and series by kids or adults. 

WCOFun offers an extensive collection of dubbed or subbed cartoons and anime for all ages in all genres. 

WCOFun allows parents to share their favorite childhood cartoons with their kids and select suitable cartoons for their kids as per their age. 

In this article, we will gather information about WCOFun, its features, pros and cons, and alternative options to watch anime online as many TV channels no longer broadcast many famous cartoon shows. 

What Is WCOFun?

WCOFun is a free online streaming service that offers an extensive collection of dubbed anime, subbed anime, cartoon movies, cartoon series, and older cartoons to watch for free. 

WCOFun allows high-speed streaming of cartoons or anime in dubbed versions or with subtitles in any native language. 

Features Of WCOFun

WCOFun is a free online platform to watch cartoons and anime in original or dubbed versions with subtitles. 

WCOFun allows browsing famous cartoons using various filters like most watched, forthcoming, recently added,  Alphabetical order, and my favorite. 

WCOFun makes it easy for a parent to select a specific cartoon or anime show by its name or the age group of the children. 

WCOFun provides streaming of all shows or movies without any advertisements. 

One can choose the language from the options available on WCOFun for dubbed content or subtitles on the videos. 

WCOFun offers high-quality streaming at high speed based on internet connectivity. 

Ways To Access WCOFun

WCOFun is a free online streaming platform to watch Anime and cartoons and anyone can access WCOFun in either of the following ways. 

¶ Search for “WCOFun” on the browser click the first link that appears on the URL and access the WCOFun website for cartoons and anime shows and series. 

¶ alternatively, use the link directly to access free cartoon and anime shows on WCOFun. 

You must use a VPN in Asian countries like India to access the website of WCOFun as it is not available otherwise. 

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You can access the WCOFun site in any way you want from any device like mobile, laptop, or desktop with good internet connectivity. 

After getting access to WCOFun search for your favorite cartoon anime series or movie in the search bar or using various filters. 

Categories Available On WCOFun

WCOFun allows users to choose their favorite cartoon or Anime and prefer the following categories to stream or download. 

  • Ova series
  • Dubbed Anime
  • Old age Cartoons
  • Latest Anime
  • Anime Cartoons
  • Cartoon movies
  • Cartoon Series

WCOFun summarizes each anime cartoon with its plot and series character with English subtitles and the preferred dubbed version to watch. 

Genre Of Anime Available On WCOFun

WCOFun offers all sorts of anime or cartoons to watch for free from different genres in your preferred language with subtitles. 

The various genres of cartoons available on WCOFun are: 

  • Animated, 
  • Romantic comedy, 
  • Magical, 
  • Drama, 
  • Virtual Reality, 
  • Chinese,
  • Toilet humor,
  • Parody,
  • Action comedy,
  • Teen animation,
  • Suspense,
  • Teen drama,
  • Fantasy, 
  • Samurai, 
  • Vampire, 
  • Preschool cartoons, 
  • Horror comedy, 
  • Senryuu girl, 
  • School drama, 
  • And many others. 

Alternative Available For WCOFun To Watch Anime

Amine fans usually search for alternate options to watch their favorite anime shows online for free with the latest updates and news of upcoming anime episodes. 

Many alternative options are available for WCOFun to watch your preferred anime or cartoon shows or movies to satisfy their need for an excellent streaming experience for free. 

Though WCOFun is the most known platform to watch any show for free but if anyone faces any issues accessing the site then the following list has a few alternate choices other than WCOFun available to watch anime shows and cartoon movies on the browser. 

1. Toon Jet

The Toon Jet site provides cartoons of the 1950s to 1960s with an extensive collection of old-age cartoons. It has a community form to collect and distribute old classic cartoons across the internet by registering or creating an account on its site. 

2. You Tube

YouTube offers lots of cartoons and anime shows to watch online from Cartoon Network channels, Nickelodeon, or Disney cartoons. 

YouTube also offers anime shows from Pixar and DreamWorks to watch or download for free like in WCOFun. 

YouTube provides full episodes or series of various cartoon or anime shows with excellent watch experience with adjustable video or audio quality and subtitles. 

3. Cartoons On

Cartoons On is a free website to watch classic and latest cartoons or anime online with simple and fast navigation. 

Carry On offers search engine options for cartoon categories like WCOFun. 

Cartoons On offers Japanese anime to watch in high definition for free like WCOFun. 

4. Disney Junior

Disney Junior site allows the user to search their favorite cartoons in alphabetical order. It offers many famous cartoons of Disney like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and many others.  A VPN is needed in certain countries to get access to Disney Junior for free in high quality. 

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5. Fox

Fox is an excellent alternative to WCOFun to watch cartoons online in high quality. 

The Fox site offers the most popular cartoon TV series like Family Guy, Simpsons, and many others for free. 

6. Toonova

Toon Ova is a free website to watch anime and cartoons without any registration. 

Toon Ova allows its user to create their favorite cartoon list on the site to watch them instantly in high quality. 

7. Anime8

Anime8 is published in the English language with subtitled cartoon or anime shows to watch or download high-quality videos. 

Anime8’s user-friendly interface allows unlimited anime streaming for free. 

Anime8 provides the latest Japanese anime and dubbed animes like WCOFun from different genres of cartoons online for free. 

9. Boomerang

Boomerang is an ideal alternative to WCOFun to watch cartoons online at any location on any device. 

But Boomerang allows access only in the United States of America. 

10. Right Stuf Anime

RightStufAnime is North America’s largest anime-specific platform that offers the latest anime episodes to its users via email or phone services. 

RightStufAnime distributes and sells anime-related stuff like DVDs, t-shirts, books, artwork, and more on behalf of North American anime suppliers. 

11. Funimation

Funimation provides dubbed Japanese anime to East Asian media with about 2.5 million subscribers. 

Funimation offers approx $6 per month subscription to watch anime and cartoons in the dubbed way. 

12. Kawaiifu

Kawaiifu is an online platform that offers video and free anime streaming to English-speaking users. 

Kawaiifu makes a good alternative to WCOFun to watch anime online for free. 

13. WCO Forever

WCO Forever provides a large selection of dubbed, original, and OVA series to watch online for free like WCOFun. 

The website WCO Forever offers high-quality streaming with the latest updated content and makes the best alternative to WCOFun if just in case WCOFun is not accessible due to any problem. 

14. Ani chart

Ani Chart is a free streaming anime site like WCOFun with a user-friendly interface. 

Ani chart offers dark and light modes to access videos at high quality. 

15. Geno Anime

Geno Anime provides the whole series of old and latest anime or cartoons with all the specific episodes mentioned on the site. 

Geno Anime offers filters like anime genre, season, and category to search for your preferred anime to watch like WCOFun. 

16. 123Anime

Like WCOFun, 123Anime is the promising alternative streaming platform to watch the latest anime in a dubbed version with English subtitles. 

123 Anime offers Japanese, Chinese, and dubbed anime to select from the search bar menu. 

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17. Anime Freak

Anime Freak platform provides creative anime series like Attack on Titan to watch in just a few clicks. 

Anime Freak is listed as the top alternative anime streaming platform of WCOFun. 

18. 9Anime

The most appealing and user-friendly alternative of WCOFun to stream anime and cartoons online is the 9Anime site. 

9Anime does not offer any dubbed anime shows and has subtitles in each show by default. 

19. Anime News Network

Anime News Network acts as a news website in North America, Australia, and Japan. 

It offers news related to anime, cartoons, Japanese videos, and other topics with current events. 

It also provides information about the theme, cast, plot, and rating of anime shows and series. 

20. Ani Mix Play

AniMixPlay is an online platform alternative to WCOFun to stream or download anime in dubbed, subbed, and original anime with subtitles.

21. Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon is a well-known streaming site available online for kids to watch cartoons for free. 

But it offers only Nickelodeon cartoons, unlike WCOFun on its website. 

What Are The Reasons for WCOFun’s Popularity? 

WCOFun is a simple, user-friendly, free streaming platform to watch any cartoon or anime show or series. 

WCOFun provides endless free streaming and download options for all types of cartoons and anime across any browser. 

WCOFun updates the list with the latest dubbed, subbed, and Ova series cartoon or anime content for the users. 

WCOFun also offers subtitles with the option of activating or disabling them for anime or cartoon videos. 

WCOFun provides an option to download the WCOFun mobile app to watch cartoons and anime without any advertisements. 

Subtitles and dubbed content are available in multiple languages to access the shows or movies in their native language by the users in high quality and well-designed user interface. 

Why Should One Prefer WCOFun Over Other Anime Streaming Sites? 

If anyone wants to have a user-friendly, easy, and simple way to stream and watch an intensive collection of cartoon or anime shows or movies, then the WCOFun is the best platform for them. 

WCOFun provides all the latest episodes of ongoing shows along with all the age-old cartoon shows and series. 

Some of the reasons to prefer WCOFun are: 

∆ WCOFun is free to use and offers the most recent anime of the best quality in any location. 

∆ WCOFun servers allow fast streaming of any anime episodes without any advertisements. 

∆ WCOFun is a user-friendly platform that makes it simple to search for any show or series in its search bar. 

∆ WCOFun updates its content with the latest anime episodes daily. 

∆ WCOFun allows users to download the anime episode in high definition. 


WCOFun is a famous easy-to-access online platform to watch any cartoon or anime on any type of device for free. 

WCOFun has about 4.50 star rating out of 5 on its browser search which is determined by users’ ratings, watch experience, and user experiences. 

WCOFun is a trustworthy, safe, legal, free streaming platform for watching cartoons and anime. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

a). Is WCOFun safe? 

WCOFun is a secure platform to watch cartoons. It is a virus-free and trustworthy online streaming service. 

b). Is WCOFun legal? 

WCOFun is a legal site to watch and download any cartoon or anime online. 

It’s advisable to use a VPN to secure privacy and prevent illegal site streaming. 

c). How to use unblocked WCOFun? 

For unblocked WCOFun streaming try the following links.

d). What language Anime is available on WCOFun? 

One can stream English, Chinese, dubbed, and subbed anime or cartoons with subtitles in many languages. 


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