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Wendy Williams Finally Addresses Her Health, Swears She’ll Be Back on TV


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Wendy Williams would like your attention, please.

Amid ongoing speculation over the state of her physical and mental health, the veteran television personality recorded a five-minute video on Wednesday in an attempt to set the medical record straight.

She did so while wearing a black hoodie and walking along the beach in Miami, Florida.

The footage was shot by her 21-year old son, Kevin.

“It’s just after 8 o’clock in the morning and I’m doing okay, you know? It’s very peaceful here,” Wendy tells the camera, just three months after she was spotted in a wheelchair.

Williams went on to claiim that she gets up every morning and takes a walk along the beach before heading to the gym.

Just a few days ago, we reported that Sherri Shepherd would remain the host of The Wendy Williams Show for the duration of this ongoing season, as the normal host’s health was allegedly deteriorating at a rapid and scary pace.

In this video, Williams aimed to assuage those concerns.

“What do you have to say to those people who think you’re up to whatever it is?” asked Kevin, to which his mom replied:

“Excuse me, I am going back stronger.

“At [57] years old, there are things that happen to people. I would say things usually start about 40 and they go up from there, you know, so you’ve got to eat the right food.”

In October 2020, while emceeing her program from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams appeared to act all loopy and strange, prompting concern over her mental well-being.

These concerns followed a supposed suicide attempt by Williams a couple months earlier, along with her admission that she suffers from the autoimmune disorder Graves’ disease.

Despite these obstacles, Williams was expected back on the air in September 2021 to host her talk show’s season premiere.

Then, she came down with COVID.

And then she was hospitalized for a psychiatric evaluation, not long before the wheelchair sighting.

In this new video, the former shock jockette noted “at [my age] sometimes people start to hunch over,” adding that she wants to be “all I can be” to “get back to New York and get on down with “The Wendy Williams Show.”

She didn’t name a date on which she’d be returning, however.

“She continues to deal with a number of medical issues, including Graves’ disease, and she and her team are taking it one day at a time,” a source previously told People Magazine, adding:

“But reports of a stroke, drugs or addiction issues or a dementia diagnosis are all false.”

In a very recent statement to Page Six, Wendy’s publicist said the following:

“She thanks everyone who has been patiently awaiting her return and believes that, thanks in large part to the love and support of her son, her family, her new team of doctors and a change of scenery, she is on the mend.”

“Wendy says to all her fans, ‘How you doing?’

“Please send positive messages, energy, and affirmations to her social media that she can read daily.”

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