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What Are Aluminum Casement Windows and Why Should You Use Them?


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Aluminum is preferred because of its longevity, low maintenance requirements, good thermal performance, high-security ratings, and low cost. Manufacturers like TOSTEM India, provide a lot of design options, and anodized frames that are polished to match any decor. 

The open-out aluminum casement windows come in various shapes and sizes – Hung on the side with side hinges for easy opening. Top-hung casement windows with hinges at the top are good for rainy weather because these windows keep the rain out. Large casement windows with a metal grill are ideal for ventilation rooms. However, these windows are not suggested for houses with small children or animals because these windows can open wide.

Components of a Double Casement Window

  1. A decorative casing- A molding between the wall and the window frame surrounding the sliding and casement windows.
  2. Sash with hinges- This allows the windows to open vertically or horizontally. 
  3. Stays and horizontal bars – Support the windows when open. 
  4. Latches or locks – Enhances security.
  5. Bottom-mounted handles or crank- For opening and closing the window. The screens of aluminum casement doors and windows are frequently installed inside.

Aluminum Casement windows are a great addition to the room decor, especially with TEXGUARD anodized coating, a patented coating technology from the house of TOSTEM India. 

The quality of the aluminum casement windows depends on the high-quality aluminum frames. For example, TOSTEM’s aluminum casement windows have glass panels tested to withstand extreme gusts of 175 mph while also increasing the energy efficiency of a room. 

Why use a TEXGUARD-coated aluminum casement window?

Splitting, breaking, rusting, and shrinking are all problems that aluminum casement windows may have. TEXGUARD windows make maintenance easier and keep the windows shining for a long time. Aluminum casement windows are a great option for a modern look. The elegant slim aluminum frames allow for a larger glass surface, allowing more light to enter.

The key benefits of investing in TOSTEM’s patented TEXGUARD-coated aluminum casement windows are:

  • Easy to clean- Since these windows open freely, the cleaning process is simple.
  • Energy-efficient– Casement windows save money on your cooling and heating bills by letting ample air and light inside the room. 
  • Good thermal and acoustic insulation- Leading aluminum casement windows manufacturers like TOSTEM have multi-chambered designs for improved thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Adds to the room decor- Anodized aluminum casement windows are robust, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant. Manufacturers like TOSTEM India also have customization options in terms of size, color, and hardware to match any room decor. 

In a Nutshell

Windows have the potential to completely revamp the way your room looks and make it more appealing. Double casement windows are not only stylish but also give ventilation and light, as well as are adaptable.

Aluminum casement windows are easy to open and come in various styles. These windows also provide good ventilation. The double casement windows that open from the center are a popular choice to let sufficient air and light inside, without hampering the decor of the room. 

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