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What Is Pick & Pack Fulfillment, And Why Is It Important?


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With the advancement of technology and people getting more tech-savvy, going out of their comfort zones is a more significant leap than it was before. People have become so busy with their work-life that they rarely do something not related to work. The tight schedule and deadlines restrict them from investing in offline window shopping. Hence, to get the comfort of their home, without thinking about anything, they opt for online shopping. Customers prefer hassle-free doorstep delivery, attractive prices, easy returns, and exchanges. All this has boosted the e-commerce industry.   

Do you ever wonder how customers get their online orders delivered from the warehouse? The companies involve a high-level supply chain and make their way real-time through the order process. Managing this whole chain is not a new process. It includes a lot of record-keeping and hard work. The digital world is constantly pressurizing the producers to use digital means to outsource products, and hence, the growth of the digital market is very prevalent.

So, what is pick and pack fulfillment? It is a vital warehouse process that may affect the order rate. After placing an order, the fulfillment center gets the information about where everything begins. Are you still confused about how that works? Read till the end, and you will know how! Let’s make this easy for you.  

What Is the Pick And Pack Process?

The pick and pack process is cost-efficient shipping and warehousing of complex orders. It is a procedure to ease the complex series of interconnected processes in a single order requirement. As a result, it helps achieve a perfect order rate, streamline operations and improve customer satisfaction. The whole process starts with fulfilling employees using a picking list to locate the items within the warehouse. After the employee picks up the required items, it is time to pack! Picking up orders is the core process, and the company’s inventory storage strategy works best here.

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Companies generally pack the orders in appropriate boxes with other packing materials, such as bubble wrap or styrofoam. You may find promotional materials in the packing process. Furthermore, the team sorts the order and carries it to the loading dock. Next, the employee prints the shipping details and places them on the box. Another worker takes the box and checks the quality assurance through a computerized system. They double-check any noticeable damage or dispute in the product. For any such troubles, the employee returns the package to the packer. If not, the item gets shipped off to the customer. The customer receives a tracking number through an online portal to track the order.

The pick and pack method involves providing employees instructions regarding which size box to use and how much packing material is needed. It helps to ensure that the product reaches the customer undamaged with consistency at the lowest possible shipping charges. In addition, the pick and pack strategies may help you to run your business smoother. Knowledge of the best pick and pack strategies helps you succeed in your business, reach the top and gain customer satisfaction.

What Are The Pick And Pack Techniques?

Organizing the inventory is the same as sorting your closet. However, to grow your business, you need to apply different strategies. There is an art to pick and pack methods to ensure a successful order fulfillment of neatly stacked products. Better pick and pack methods minimize the mistakes and reduce returns. Here are some basic techniques that the e-commerce industry use for fulfillment. 

  1. Piece picking
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If you have a few orders per day, piece picking may be the simplest way. This method involves taking the packing slip for a single charge. Look around the warehouse, pick the items off the shelves and carry those to the packing center. This method is suitable for small businesses. 

  1. Batch picking

If you receive enough orders, it is necessary to organize and sort them into batches. First, you need to arrange the items in the same area of the warehouse. You save time by choosing the most efficient path through the warehouse for picking up orders. It makes sense to pick up orders together for the same item for several requisitions. You will not be required to walk back and forth, and packing will end up faster. You may also apply this technique even if you have a small business. After picking all the items, batch them. Some software may help you sort items and batch them for efficient packing. 

  1. Zone picking

Zone picking is efficient for large-scale fulfillment warehouses. However, warehouse management software is a must to manage zone picking as it requires complex coordination. Here, the company assigns employees to be in the different zones of the warehouse. Pickers stay in their designated zones. They pick up the products only in their area and pass the order to a worker in the next zone. Then, the order moves to all the zones in the warehouse, and finally, it reaches the packing station.

  1. Wave picking

Wave picking requires a lot of organization, accuracy, speed, and efficiency for picking up items in the warehouse. It is a hybrid of batch picking and zone picking. Workers stay in their assigned zones and pick items within their area for multiple orders rather than a single one. After they finish taking orders from one zone, they pass the batch to the next zone. Then, the employees fulfill the order during scheduled time frames or waves.

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Importance Of Pick And Pack Techniques

Now that you know the definition of pick and pack techniques and how it works. Let us now know its benefits and why it is popular among fulfillment centers. The employees know what to look for when fulfilling an order which increases the speed of packing the items. They are also proficient in packing items to avoid breakage or spoilage. They are shipped securely and arrive at the customer’s doorstep very soon. An organized shelf and pallet help the employees to locate the complimentary items without aimlessly searching for them. It even cuts down the distance the employees have to walk to get the products. The pick and pack method help the workers to be more accurate and improve productivity. It improves customer satisfaction and gives good reviews to the delivery companies. The best part is that your customer receives what they ordered at a fast pace.  

Final Thoughts

The pick and pack technique is best for scaling your capacity while staying lean. You must have a good knowledge of the methods as it will put you in a better position to find the right service provider. However, this technique is not the only essential part of running a productive business. Inventory management is a pivotal part and will automate your ordering. We hope this blog gave you a basic idea about the process and its benefits.

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