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Great Web Hosting for Prestashop


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How to choose a good hosting service?

Are you looking for great web hosting for prestashop? Getting web hosting is significant but hard to have a live website on the internet. Web hosting is a service that offers where your website is stored and is accessible by a web browser. All these files are stored on a giant computer that is called a server. If you are going to choose a good hosting provider, then you must know some basics, its types, and services. You can also check out some alternatives to WPEngine while choosing a hosting provider. In this way, you will be able to decide how to choose a good hosting service. It is simple and easy to access the hosting services online. 

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is very popular these days. There are some differences and similarities among all types of web hosting. There are two kinds of operating systems. Web hosting allows a company and an organization to post their websites on the internet. 

Different kinds of web hosting

Most web hosts offer different forms of hosting packages. All these hosting types cater to various website needs. For instance, a site that gains millions of visitors per month will have many needs than a site that has been built a few weeks ago. So, learn more about kinds of the hosting types.

Shared hosting

It is easily the most common type of hosting. For a lot of website owners, this is the most suitable style of hosting. With a shared hosting plan, a website owner shares the physical server environment with a few to several websites. For the shared hosting, you can access Supporthost on

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Availing or using shared hosting is not as simple as one may think. There are several hardware configurations and engineering software going on. Securing your network is vital for huge corporations and for businesses. All huge organizations such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, and many others use and allow these private and shared hosting. These companies spend millions of dollars on development and research on the network. 

They spend money for keeping their web servers protected from potential attacks such as DDOs. This attack chocks the web server with requests and does not allow it to process. As a result, an error page occurs and the user cannot approach it. 

By using shared hosting servers, users can easily increase the speed of web surfing. Many people use these plans at a time that leaves users with a frustratingly slow speed of the net connection. These are responsible for overloading bandwidth. In short, these free servers are responsible for slow internet and can create this issue at any given time. 

Managed Web Hosting

If a hosting service provider leases you a dedicated server, but it manages the server by its own. The service provider controls the server and conducts hardware and software maintenance. It offers security, takes care of backup, and monitors activity. All these things are very easy to manage for the users. For the majority of the users who are using more than one website, this is the opportunity to make more money. You can access Support Host for managed hosting online. They are very easy to access. 

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