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How Your Employee Survey Tool Can Improve Productivity and Workplace Culture


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Are your employees happy? Is your work culture everything you’ve wanted it to be?

Your work culture has a direct impact on employee well-being. It will determine the productivity and output levels of your people, or, by contrast, their feeling of disengagement.

When you create a culture of openness, learning, and collaboration, you will see this reflected in the way your people interact with one another and how they view work overall. Alternately, when you create a space of competition, you’ll see it impact teamwork and collaboration as people work individually to succeed.

That’s why it’s important to have a work culture that not only gives employees a sense of security and belonging, but also one that encourages innovation, proactiveness, and productivity.

How do you get started with creating a work culture that has an impact?

The best way is by simply asking your employees! What do they think? How do they feel?

This will tell you just what you’re doing right – and what you need to work on.

Open-text feedback can also help you spot things you might not have noticed as employees freely share their perspective without being limited to multiple choice answers, thereby unveiling engagement and productivity roadblocks so you know just what needs to be worked on.

While asking the right questions is important to capturing the insights you need, your survey solution can do a lot more than just asking for feedback. With the right analytics at play, it can take the employee experience to a whole new level, helping you gather insights that transform the way you work.

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Here are just some of the ways it can improve your workplace culture and bolster employee productivity:

  1. Improve Employee Engagement

    How engaged are your employees? Are they interested in what is happening at work – beyond their immediate tasks? Are they invested in the big picture or even in team building activities?

    Look to understand employee satisfaction and even the eNPS (employee net promoter score) to gauge how your people are feeling.

    With Sogolytics, you can even analyze the employee engagement drivers to see which factors are impacting the metrics, giving you an idea of just what you need to work on!

  2. Aid Employee Development

    In order to create a culture of growth, you need to make it easy for your employees to access resources that will add to their skillset and help them develop professionally.
    Your employee survey software does a lot more than capture feedback, it can help you evaluate employee capabilities and skillsets to identify gaps and learning opportunities.

    By understanding and helping employees grow professionally, especially in areas they are interested in, you can help employees be more productive and efficient.

  3. Track Progress

    You’re helping your employees grow, overcome their skills gap, and become better. But are they?

    Use your survey platform to track progress, see improvement, and identify further areas of growth and proficiencies to help employees stay on track for continued learning and progress.

  4. View Patterns and Identify Churn Signals

    Does your employee engagement follow a pattern? Perhaps employee engagement dropped after you announced a shift back to office or the implementation of different software, or maybe you saw an uptick after the CEO spoke to the team.

    Understanding these patterns will help you understand what really matters to your employees. It might also alert you to external factors affecting engagement. For example, you notice a drop in certain months. While this may not immediately make sense, looking at what other factors could be affecting employee sentiments will give you the answer (perhaps it’s back to school, and most of your employees are under more stress than usual).

    Either way, understanding patterns will also allow you to more accurately spot when disengagement is something to take note of. This will help indicate when employees are feeling more disconnected and distanced from your company, signaling signs of churn. This, in turn, will help you kickstart retention efforts so you don’t lose your top talents!

  5. Encourage Employee Recognition

    One of the biggest factors affecting employee happiness is recognition. Very often, when working in teams, employees can feel overlooked and underappreciated.
    Especially when their tasks require a lot of teamwork.

    Survey solutions can allow employees to nominate one another for tasks or accomplishments, helping facilitate a culture of recognition.

    This will make your people feel seen and valued, improving employee satisfaction.
    And what does that lead to? Higher productivity! As employees feel more valued at work, they’re likely to put in more effort – after all, their work is not only seen, but appreciated!

  6. Understand Expectations and Deliver Value

    Not all benefits are equal. While it’s easy to say you offer competitive benefits, are they really that valuable to employees?

    Not all employees need the few extra sick days you offer, but they might benefit from more vacation days instead.

    Perhaps you notice that some employees are struggling to balance work and family, so instead of strict work-from-office rules, they’d be more engaged and benefit more from the choice to work remotely and have truly flexible work hours.

    In the age of personalization, it’s important to personalize your employee experience as well – and your employee experience survey software can help you gather the data to do just that. Today, large organizations are paving their own path, offering unique benefits that pertain to their employees, and consequently, delivering true value.

    In doing so, they are nurturing a company culture that is not only productive and thoughtful, but one their employees won’t find elsewhere, improving loyalty while listening to what their people need.

Nurture a Productive Workspace

Your employee survey solution can do a lot more than gather feedback. Solutions like Sogolytics not only help engage your people to improve the response rate (more data = better analytics), but also help break down the data to view insights so that you can predict the next step, understand top priorities, and assess employee sentiments.

After all, data is only step 1. What you really need to do is break down employee feedback to identify actionable insights that will help you create an employee experience that holds value, driving changes that matter to your people.

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