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What to Look for in Resource Planning Software


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If you are looking for the best resource planning software for your organization, there are a few things you should look for. The main things to look for in a solution are functionality, visuals, and usability. You should be able to input all the information you need easily and have an easy time accessing it. The user experience should be top-notch, as well. Many companies still use spreadsheets and email for their resource planning needs, but many are looking to make the move to a more advanced solution.

Time tracking

A time tracking solution can be incredibly helpful for project managers, as it helps them create more accurate estimates of how long a project will take. Manual time logging on Excel sheets can be useful, but the best time-tracking software solutions can help project managers avoid errors and analyze employees’ performance. The most common use of time tracking solutions is in project management.

Time tracking software allows managers to see the amount of time each team member is spending on tasks and projects, which can help them make better schedules and minimize overruns. These tools also let managers view the workload and future availability of their team members.


Resource management software can make forecasting easy and accurate. It can also help you balance your resources. It can also show you how upcoming changes will affect the pipeline of projects. It can also increase accountability. For example, eResource Scheduler’s timesheets can provide you with accurate data about the number of hours spent on specific tasks. This information is important to plan future projects and predict the amount of time it will take to complete each one.

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When used correctly, resource forecasting can help your business avoid bumps in the road and ensure that your resources are available when they are needed. It can also help you meet client needs. In addition, resource forecasting will show you how many projects you currently have approved or in the pipeline. By balancing resource pools and identifying any potential shortages, you can ensure you have enough of the right resources to finish a project on time and on budget.


As ERP software is increasingly used by companies, usability is a critical factor. It is essential that end users can access data and insights in a simple, intuitive way. Whether a user is a data expert or a novice, usability affects the performance of any ERP software.

This study assesses the usability of selected ERP applications, as well as identifies current practices in usability. It also assesses the impact of these systems on managers’ decision-making abilities. It uses a case study design and an investigation methodology that applies HCI parameters. It also employs a focus group approach.

Using usability survey methods for ERP software is a cost-effective way to gather data. Users’ responses are recorded by completing a questionnaire. A rating scale is provided for each question and based on this scale, the usability of the software is measured.

Upstarts in the enterprise resource planning software market

Some of the biggest players in the enterprise resource planning software market, such as SAP and Oracle, have been facing competition from upstarts. These companies are able to take advantage of existing data and leverage that data help them develop new products. For example, Extensity makes Web applications for expense report processing, while Upshot delivers Web-powered sales automation software.

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Several of these companies offer cloud-based ERP solutions and have been growing in popularity over the last few years. Other traditional ERP industry players have also seen competition from upstarts, such as WorkWise and Bowie. The upstarts are positioned to offer innovative, more affordable ERP solutions and have the potential to disrupt established leaders.

With so many moving parts in a business, it is difficult to keep up with it all. Enterprise resource planning software helps business owners manage data in a centralized manner, resulting in increased productivity, reduced waste of resources, and better decisions.

Resource Planning Software Requirements

If you are looking for resource planning software, there are a few things to consider before you make the final purchase. Considering these features will help you determine which software is best for your needs. These requirements are toggle Plan, Microsoft Project, and TPG team manager. Using the right resource planning software will help you plan, manage, and track projects.

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