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When can a disability lawyer come to your help?


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Disability is a life-changing event in an individual’s life. Disability can be due to some major injury, serious medical condition, or due to genetic complications that arise later in life. Such disability leads to loss of income source as you might not be able to work. You can apply for social security benefits to overcome these issues. The financial help that you will get from it will help you lead a normal life. Such a social security benefits process can be quite complicated and frustrating. The application might get rejected several times or get delayed unnecessarily. To address these issues, you must take the legal help of a social security disability attorney. disability lawyers phoenix can come to your help in the following scenarios:-

To evaluate if you qualify for benefits: As a layman, you might not know what it takes to qualify for social security disability benefits. Not every disability qualifies for such benefits. To ensure you are not filing the application unnecessarily or your claim from getting denied, you must take the help of a disability lawyer. The lawyers are adept in the procedures involved and are familiar with the Blue Book by Social Security Administration (SSA), which mentions what disabilities qualify for social security benefits.  

To file an initial claim: The initial claim involves filling out an application form to be submitted with SSA. This application form should be filled out properly without any errors or discrepancies, as even a small mistake can lead to the rejection of the claim. Such detailed filling of the form should be done by taking the help of a disability lawyer, who is an expert in this due to his past experience. Plus, a lawyer can help you file for a VA Appeal.

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Help in the appeals process: The initial claim in the majority of cases is rejected. After rejection, you can file an appeal. There can be multiple appeals in a single case. In such a case take the help of a lawyer to guide you through the appeal hearing process. 

Help in legal brief-writing: Some social security cases end up in federal court after multiple rejections. The case in federal court will require extensive legal brief-writing, which cannot be done by a layman. You must take the help of a seasoned lawyer to write your brief. 

All social security disability benefits are governed by the Social Security Administration. To avoid any fraud or other such manipulations, the authorities do a strict checking of the applications. Even a minute mistake can deny you the chance of getting a social security benefit. Therefore, you must not take these issues into your own hand. Always hire a disability lawyer to guide you through a smooth and effective claim process. 

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