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What Causes 80% Of Truck Accidents?


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The number of truck accidents has been rising in number daily. Unfortunately, the injuries and damages resulting from a truck accident are known to be the most severe. It will be most beneficial for the truck accidents victims to seek medical help immediately after the incident. In terms of legal procedures, it will help if the victim hires a Houston truck accident Lawyer

Besides, truck accidents can be prevented. Knowing some tips and taking a few precautions can significantly reduce the probability of a truck accident. Irrespective of being an accident victim, you must be aware of the significant cause of a truck accident and take precautions accordingly for prevention. 

What is the primary cause of most truck accidents? 

It might sound surprising, but most truck accidents are caused due to human errors. Besides human error being the leading cause behind 80% of truck accidents, mechanical errors and natural calamities are also definite causes. Generally, a human or a driver controls the truck and mechanics. 

While each driver must be cautious when driving on the road, some drivers choose to be negligent. Such negligent drivers lead the primary cause behind several truck accidents. As a result, it will be essential for every truck driver to be careful while driving. Otherwise, catastrophic accidents with severe injuries and damages can take place. 

Why is human error the leading cause behind most truck accidents?

Truck drivers contribute to human errors due to multiple reasons. For instance, distracted driving can lead any truck driver to an accident, irrespective of their care and precautions. Another reason why most truck accidents occur is due to infrequent or no break periods while driving. 

Truck drivers need to take small breaks while driving a long route. However, not all drivers take a break, resulting in an accident. Fatigue and tiredness can lead the driver to become distracted and lazy. 

In some cases, the truck can be overloaded. Overloaded trucks can cause significant pressure on the mechanical system of the truck. In a nutshell, mechanical stress can make the truck uncontrollable at sharp or blind turns and cause a jackknife truck accident. 

If you have been a truck accident victim and feel the truck driver was at fault, it will be in your best interest to hire a truck accident lawyer in Houston for legal assistance. The lawyer can help you gather evidence, secure medical help, deal with the insurance company for claims, or handle the responsible party for compensation for injuries. 


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