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Who is Holly Scarfone? Scott Disick Spotted with Kylie Jenner Lookalike


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Longtime fans of the Kardashians are painfully aware that Scott Disick will lust after anyone.

His dating history tends to focus upon barely legal models. Apparently, he can get even creepier.

He was recently spotted with Too Hot To Handle alum Holly Scarfone.

The world cannot help but notice that, from certain angles, the Netflix star is the spitting image of Kylie Jenner. But who is she?

Scott Disick was seen on Thursday, February 24, hanging out with the 23-year-old Too Hot To Handle alum.

The pair were outside of Nobu Malibu, a favorite haunt for the Kardashians (and, frankly, a lot of other people).

It has been six months since the self-styled Lord’s split from Amelia Gray Hamlin. Has he found a new gal pal?

Holly Scarfone Too Hot to Handle promo

Holly appeared on the third season of the Netflix reality series, Too Hot To Handle.

The show’s whole premise had to do with physical relationships vs emotional bonds.

As we can see from her photos, Holly certainly lived up to the title.

“Of course I cared about the money,” Holly confessed after her time on the reality series.

She said that she would have regretted it if she and Mngomezulu hadn’t at least tried to make things work.

“I didn’t come to do the experience for money,” Holly clarified, “but I did wanna respect everyone around me.”

Holly is also a college graduate.

She earned her Bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder in July of 2021.

(Obligatory joke about whether she can finally help Scott get his head on straight)

Like a lot of reality stars, virtually all of Scott’s exes, and frankly almost anyone with her looks, Holly has also done some modeling.

She might not be an internationally recognized frequenter of catwalks, but she is repped by Donabaldwin, a Denver-based agency.

Holly certainly has the looks for it — and we can’t help but note that just being seen with Scott could boost her career.

Speaking of models who are Scott’s exes … Holly doesn’t just resemble Kylie Jenner.

Take a look at this photo from her Instagram page.

Doesn’t she kind of look like Amelia Hamlin? How in the world can she manage to look like Scott’s ex and like his children’s youngest aunt?

Scott Disick has spent years being … kind of a mess.

Obviously, things were at their worst in 2017, during his worrisome downward spiral.

At that time, friends were reportedly concerned about him, and not just because he was burying himself (“emotionally”) in every 19-year-old model he could find.

When Scott began dating Sofia Richie, despite the weird age gap, things seemed better.

They were in a genuinely serious relationship that lasted for years.

Obviously, things did not work out. Scott moved on to another gorgeous 19-year-old with famous parents.

Things with Amelia didn’t last quite as long as they did with Sofia, but they did provide some reality TV crossover.

Scott and this relationship came up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and in numerous interviews with Amelia’s parents, Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin.

Wisely, they didn’t try to control their adult daughter, instead allowing this to play out — for better or for worse.

Scott went full clown in 2021, however, as he bitterly texted Younes — another ex of Kourtney’s — to drag her PDA with Travis Barker.

It wasn’t just pathetic — it showed how hung up he still is on Kourtney. Amelia dumped him.

Perhaps Holly will have a different experience, if they’re really dating. Or perhaps not.

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