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Why Businesses in 2022 Want Hyperconnectivity


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There are a great many reasons why it is important for businesses to be technologically savvy in today’s business world. Since the onset of COVID-19, the businesses with modernized tech infrastructures – like TechQuarters, who provide IT Services in London – had a much easier time adapting to the new circumstances, while businesses that had failed to implement the necessary information and communication technologies struggled.

The integration of technology into everyday work practices, business processes, products, and services is increasing every year. A few decades ago the primary forms of business communication were PSTN-based telephony and email. Nowadays, the average person has a range of far more sophisticated forms of telecommunications in their pockets, than what massive corporations had at the turn of the century. If the average person can enjoy such high levels of connectivity, then businesses should really be implementing the same or more. This is why many businesses in 2022 will be looking to pursue hyperconnectivity in their organization.

What is Hyperconnectivity

In 2022, it is possible for businesses to reach a state where almost every aspect of their organization is connected – this is what people mean when they talk about hyperconnectivity. From personnel to infrastructure, every level of an organization is equipped for communication. Most people would be surprised at how many things are capable of communicating – a lot of this is to do with the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Internet of Things

Many experts are anticipating that spending on IoT technology will exceed $1 trillion in 2022. The Internet of Things is the growing network of devices that are equipped with the technology to store and process data, record information from their environment and, most importantly, communicate with other devices and platforms. The benefits of IoT for business are many and varied – it makes making predictions for business decision-making much more accurate, owing to the amount of hard data that can be collected and analyzed from IoT devices. It also enables a company to get real-time updates on equipment, such as their IT infrastructure, or factory equipment.

Efficiency with Hyperconnectivity

Hyperconnectivity is able to make business processes much more efficient. Due to the fact that your infrastructure is able to communicate in a range of ways, it means the flow of information is quicker and more direct. With Hyperconnectivity, you get a range of different types of communication – person-to-person communication is enhanced and streamlined through technologies such as Cloud Computing and cutting-edge network infrastructures; machine-to-machine communication becomes better than ever due to the Internet of Things, and it also opens up more channels of machine-to-person communication. This third form of communication is where a business can begin seeing leaps of inefficiency.

The efficiency of Communication is not all the hyperconnectivity provides. Businesses can also increase cost-efficiency in their organization in a few different ways. For instance, hyperconnected tech such as smart thermostats monitor a venue’s electrical needs and can help reduce energy spending by a margin of up to 15%. The hard data produced by hyperconnected infrastructures also means a business can get regular usage reports for telephones, computers, and more. This type of regular reporting can help you configure your equipment in the most energy-saving and cost-saving ways.

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Adaptivity with Hyperconnectivity

Hyperconnectivity also makes your business more adaptive and flexible. Hyperconnectivity involves running all of a business’s IT systems on a single, centralized platform – this may be a Public or Private Cloud, or perhaps a Hybrid Cloud. This has a range of advantages – to start with, it means that installing updates is a much faster process; it also means rolling out software and software updates to employees can be made much faster.

The flow of hard data that hyperconnectivity provides a business is also an excellent resource for leveraging adaptive strategies. It can provide you with useful information on customer trends and habits, market trends, performance data, and much more. All of these types of data are useful for businesses because it makes analyzing strategies much easier and more accurate – thus, with the inflow of data, businesses can assess, test, and implement changes to strategies, making them much more adaptive.

Opportunities for New Technology

The more connected a business is, the more useful it will have for new and emerging technologies. For example, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are powerful tools that help businesses analyze Big Data in ways that would be impossible to do manually. The more interconnected your business is, the more data you will have to be able to process and analyze – with the use of AI and Machine Learning, you could generate important insights from all that data, which can fuel your business decision-making.

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