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Top 5 Advantages of Using CRM with an Auto Dialer


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Your telecallers hate it when it comes to manually typing and dialing hundreds of numbers every day. Also, there are many instances where they end up dialing the wrong number and ultimately resulting in frustration. This also consumes a lot of time and eventually your executives end up hating their job, which is not good for you.

Also, there are chances they face difficulties while writing feedback in excel sheets or noting down follow-up call reminders. 

All these problems consume more than 15 minutes every hour of the very precious speaking time which could have been used for convincing your prospects. 

With CRMs like TeleCRM, you can easily manage and solve all these problems. TeleCRM’s automatic dialer takes away all your pain of manually typing numbers and calling them so you don’t have to worry about whom to call next. Which ultimately results in closing more sales leads.

Here are 5 advantages of using CRM dialer software:

  1. Better lead conversion rate
  2. Less idle time of your telecallers
  3. Improved operational efficiency
  4. Increased talking time 
  5. Real-time monitoring and reporting

Beter lead conversion rate

When you use a CRM autodialer to automate complicated inside sales procedures for high-value leads, the outbound dialing process becomes more agile. Before dialing, auto-dialers, like predictive dialers, offer a short summary of the customer’s contact information. Before a call is connected, the telecallers can prepare for it. Telecallers can drive customized communication using preliminary data at their disposal. Better service and educated decision-making increase the likelihood of lead conversion by making prospects feel valued.

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Less idle time of your telecallers

Manual dialing is a difficult job that takes up callers’ time as they wait for a call to connect. A caller spends time listening to busy tones, answering machines, and meeting disconnected calls if an outbound call center uses a manual dialing approach. In these cases, the auto-dialer technology allows the dialer system to recognize certain components and skip the call. Auto dialers reduce idle time by ensuring that only answered calls are sent to callers. This method saves callers time and allows them to handle more calls.

Improved operational efficiency

The use of an autodialer feature eliminates the need for manual dialing. The automated dialer software solution transforms operational efficiency by reducing numerous call restrictions such as excessive wait time, misdialing, and call drops. Because auto dialers can detect busy signals, voicemails, and non-serviceable numbers, automating the dialing process ensures that only connected calls are directed to agents, increasing the call connect ratio. Higher agent potency and improved operational efficiency come from more linked calls.

Increased talking time

When compared to manual dialing, one of the most important advantages of the auto-dialer feature is the significant reduction in the caller’s speaking time. Telecallers spend more time talking with prospects and customers when they have less idle time and a higher call connect ratio. The auto dialer reduces the caller’s chat time, resulting in improved client engagement as well as increased telecaller confidence and productivity.

Real-time monitoring and reporting

Customizable reports and dashboards in auto dialer software provide insight into contact center operations and telecaller’s actions. The real-time dashboards assist call center managers in making better decisions. It assists callers in taking quick steps by identifying real-time issues. Call records may also be accessed immediately using auto dialer software. This helps management to keep track of the caller’s performance and ensure that call quality is maintained. To improve operational efficiency, key call center indicators may be effectively tracked and measured at certain intervals.

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