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Why Is Kundli Milan Important in Marriage Matchmaking?


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Kundli matching has long been an essential part of Hindu marriages since time immemorial. With time the customs and traditions have evolved, but the trend of matching kundlis before marriage remained. 

In India, arranged marriages are a norm, and that’s where the practice of Kundli matching became prominent. This practice of matchmaking has been a deciding factor for a potential match between two individuals. Hinduism considers marriage as the holy union of two souls with the use of divine Vedic rituals and mantras. This union is considered to last forever, but only if we find the right life partner. 

And if you’re wondering how to find the right marriage partner, simply type astrologer in USA into your phone’s search bar, and you’ll be presented with a slew of viable options. Let’s continue reading to learn more about Kundli Milan.

Why Is Kundli Milan Important?

The idea behind matchmaking is to find out how compatible two people are. In arranged marriages, the two people usually don’t know each other well. Because the two people will be spending time together for the rest of their lives and it’s crucial to know if the match is favorable or not. Getting kundlis checked can ensure if the marriage will be a successful and happy one. 

It is also important to get your Kundlis matched at a reputed place, whether online or offline, to ensure that you get accurate Kundli reports that will prove fruitful to you and don’t bring any trouble. 

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How Does The Kundli Matching Process Work?

The Kundli matching method includes the matching of two Janam kundlis or birth charts. Your birth chart serves as a blueprint for your life which is basically the diagram of the alignment of the celestial bodies, including planets, constellations, and more, at the precise time a person was born. The astrologers then follow the Guna Milan method, which is also known as the Ashtakoot method. 

Important points in the Ashtakoot method:

  • A total of 36 points (gunas) are compared between the two horoscopes. 
  • It is said that at least 18 of the 36 Gunas must match in order for a happy marriage to occur.
  • Matching 18 or more points is considered appropriate for a good marriage. 
  • Anything under 18 points is not considered viable, and it is recommended that the marriage alliance not be pursued.

The Kundli Milan procedure is all about the following

  • Compatibility
  • Matching attitudes
  • Friendship
  • Behavior
  • Possibilities of children
  • The span of the marriage

By assessing these above factors, among many other things, the astrologer can determine whether the prospective bride and groom will be able to lead a happy married life and whether there will be many obstacles in their marriage.

But what if the Kundlis don’t match?

In Vedic Astrology, every problem has a solution! Every problem has a remedy. There is no need to be concerned if your Janam Kundli does not match the partner of your choice. A well-trained and experienced. 

When the two people’s mental and emotional vibes are in sync, they form a good marriage. However, a mismatch in the horoscope can lead to various issues, also called doshas. There are several remedies available to correct the Kundli dosha, and by using them, you can get immediate relief from your problems. There are astrologer in New York and online and offline who specialize in providing these services. You can rely on them to provide the best solution.

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Kundli Milan is important in Vedic astrology for a happy and successful married life. Matching horoscopes could provide information and predictions about a marriage’s future. Because it is believed that an individual’s nature and future can be predicted by their horoscope, Kundli-matching by a renowned and knowledgeable astrologer is a must before entering into a marriage, which is a life-long institution.

Concluding thoughts

The world is changing and evolving, and looking backward is not something that this generation is accustomed to. However, when we need advice, we usually turn to our elders because we know that their experience and wisdom will be of great help to us in our time of need. Keeping this in mind, utilizing the ancient knowledge of astrology and having your Kundali matched is the best gift you can give to your marriage.

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