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Why Should You Avoid Using Counterfeit Vape Hardware?


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Where there’s something positive, there’s always something negative – and that is the unfortunate truth. With the ever-expanding market of happiness and relaxation-inducing vapes and vape products, there’s also an expanding market of stress and paranoia-inducing counterfeit vapes and best vape products. In an attempt to reduce the purchase cost and increase the profit margins, many sellers sell counterfeit vape hardware – chambers, coils, CBD vape juices, etc. They compromise the health and safety of their customers by ignoring the risks that come with counterfeit vape hardware. Instead search for an online vape shop.

With the potential health and safety risks of fake products, it is in your hands to ensure your well-being and identify the real from the fake. You might not be able to stop selling counterfeit vape products, but you can do some things on your part to make sure you don’t fall victim to this scam. Let’s talk about why counterfeit vape hardware is harmful, why you should avoid it, and how to identify it.


According to an article by Courthouse News, people are experiencing breathing issues and nausea – and almost all of them reported buying vapes and vape hardware from pop-up shops and stalls. Since it is a common factor across most cases, it is evident that these pop-up shops were selling counterfeit vapes that you did not check for quality and safety purposes. 

Yes, counterfeit vape hardware can seriously impact your health and put you in the hospital; they are that dangerous. However, that is not all, and there are more risks associated with the use of counterfeit vapes – let’s take a look at what these are:

  • LUNG INFECTIONS: Using counterfeit vape hardware can cause damage to the lungs and cause lung infections. If you use a vape with a counterfeit coil or chamber, the chances are that it can affect the vape juice and make it harmful. If you are using phony vape juice, you are ingesting something that you don’t know the ingredients of and is not safe. It can lead to breathing difficulties and other health issues. 
  • DISTURBED BODILY FUNCTIONS: Counterfeit vape juice – whether the liquid itself is counterfeit or impacted by a fake vaping device – can seriously harm the body and disturb bodily functions. Vape juice travels through the lungs and enters the bloodstream, influencing every part of the body and interacting with the most prominent body functions. You can suffer from nausea, vomiting, headaches, and disturbed sleep patterns. 
  • THE RISK OF INJURY: Yes, counterfeit vapes and vape juices come with the risk of injury. Some people have reported that their vapes exploded while charging or while vaping, causing severe burns in some cases. Using a counterfeit vape is dangerous, but it can also be life-threatening – it’s not something to be taken lightly. 
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These are not minor setbacks to be overlooked; you need to actively look at the vapes you are considering buying and avoid counterfeit vape hardware. We know that it’s not always easy to tell fake from real, but here is something to do to reduce the possibility as much as possible. 


According to an article by Weedmaps, there are many ways in which one can tell fake from real – all you need to know is what to look out for. With the actual product, you also need to be conscious of the seller you are purchasing your product from. Here is a thorough list of the things you need to look out for in the seller and the vape hardware to figure out whether the products you are looking to buy are accurate. Let’s get started:

  • THE LABEL: The biggest giveaway of a counterfeit vape product is the label. Yes, people who make fake vapes can easily copy a label, but chances are they are not too careful about it and end up making a mistake. Check for spelling mistakes, variable font, and the content. 
  • THE BARCODE: Make sure that the product you purchase has a barcode and that this barcode takes you where it is supposed to. The barcode on counterfeit products is often fake and doesn’t work; it either won’t scan or will take you to an invalid address.
  • THE QUALITY: Take the vape product in your hand and feel for the quality. Counterfeit products are made from cheap materials and come in a cheap body/packaging. They are lightweight and feel like they can easily break.
  • THE LITERATURE: Yes, the literature. Products bought from a company come with literature – either an explanatory guide or a promotional brochure. Counterfeit products do not contain such literature; they are often available as standalone with nothing else included.
  • THE LOCATION AND LICENSING OF THE SELLER: The location and licensing of a seller are two of the most significant factors that can help determine the legitimacy of vape hardware. Make sure you buy your product from an established shop or an online platform that displays all its credentials and licenses, not a pop-up shop that can’t. Established sellers are a lot less likely to sell counterfeit products than pop-up sellers because they have accountability.
  • SUSPICIOUSLY LOW COSTS: Even though sellers of counterfeit vape hardware pretend to be selling the actual product, they sell it at a cost lower than the maximum price established by the company and at a lower price than what it is currently being sold for. Beware of suspiciously low costs.
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Being cautious about these factors while making a purchase can help you ensure that you don’t end up with a counterfeit product. 


The sad reality is that counterfeit vape hardware is not going anywhere soon; it is our responsibility to make sure we are conscious of the decisions we make when we purchase vape hardware. We hope this information helps you keep yourself safe as you indulge in the joys of vaping. 

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