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Why Should You Pick A Boho Rug?


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It is known to us all how essential rugs are for our homes. Rugs can enhance the spirit of your living room or any other room. And if you are choosing bohemian rugs for your floors, you must know that boho rugs are most popular in free spirit and aesthetic styles. 

So, given you are one of those who is into brighter colors and prefers varied styles and funky looks, it’s the bohemian rugs you would like for your home. Boho rugs for your house would provide a free-spirited impression of you. It is indicative that you are a lively and colorful personality.

What Does Being A Bohemian-Style Admirer Feels Like?

Do you understand what being a boho means? It means that you as a person are expressive, laid back, and also unconventional. A boho rug for your home can make things interesting at your home. Your home would have a cozy and comfortable look and feel. One thing interesting about bohemian rugs is that these patterns go with any design of your interior. 

Such is the power of your wild boho rugs is that they have the capability of drawing attention to themselves. These patterns are so unique and likely that you can hand your rug as wall art and dare if anyone says so! They blend so well with any style and look so practical.

Colors, Sizes, And Patterns For Your Boho Rugs

It may seem that picking the right boho rug is one hell of a task, as they are available in so many colors, patterns, and sizes. You can pair multiple colors to have one design that fulfills your requirement. One idea is combining simple gray or tan colors with muted colors to bring out that soothing and catchy look. Again, if you want, you can contrast a bright red color with a yellow tone for your carpet and make it the center of attention. 

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Also, there are other patterns for you to consider, like geometric, middle eastern, or oriental patterns. The geometric patterns mostly come with a modern twist and are preferred by today’s average householders. And for those looking for a color outburst in their living room, a vibrant, colorful, and vintage boho rug is your solution.

Bohemian rugs can be used anywhere in your living room since they are available in various sizes and colors. They can adjust to your walls indoors as well as outdoors. Also, if you want to cover the larger areas of your living room, even these rugs answer that. You can use rectangular carpets for larger spaces. And round and oval-shaped boho rugs can do the trick for kitchen and bathroom spaces. Just remember, being boho means being free!

Boho Rugs For Different Spaces In Your Home

  • Living Room: You can use modern boho rugs with traditional patterns for your living room. Adjust the rug in the center of your room to reflect your personality and bring a cozy feel to your room.
  • Bedrooms: Bedrooms are where one spends most of their precious time. Bohemian rugs are ideal thought for bedrooms. Just think of more eclectic styles for your rugs in the bedroom.
  • Kitchens: Kitchens need more warm rugs that are oval or round. You can use materials like polypropylene or cotton boho rugs for your kitchen that are easy to wash.
  • Hallways: Smaller-sized boho rugs can be used for your hallways that fit the aesthetic of the walls and floors. Pick a stylish and dark-colored bohemian rug for the hallways as they witness the most footfalls.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are the last one that comes to mind when thinking about rugs, but they are the places that need a rug the most. A warm rug in your bathroom can prevent you from standing on a cold floor. You can also prevent slips and falls with a rug in your bathroom.
  • Patio: Those houses with a patio also need rugs, and what better style than a geometric patterned bohemian rug? A boho rug for the patio is the ultimate makeover that your home needs. This is one ideal way of adding aesthetics and comfort to your home.
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From aesthetics to décor, bohemian rugs are the most appropriate for your dream homes. You can choose from a variety of options and can bring both warmth and style to your home.


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