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Why Small Details Are Important in Branding & Promotion


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As a consumer, it is not unusual to have your preferred brands and the companies that you go back to again and again to purchase either the same product when needed or to branch out and purchase something new with them. A large reason people tend to do this is due to branding, something that catches your eye and the promotion of the product. This was previously through mediums such as print and television advertising and in recent years has expanded to digital and internet marketing straight to your phone. 


Almost everybody these days has received a popup on their phone after they have been scrolling through a company’s website and wonder how their phone knows this is what they are interested in. It goes even further than that in the algorithm and brings up matches that it thinks you might be interested in. This constitutes a large portion of advertising in 2023 and like everybody I have started clicking and following the links to all sorts of different websites and ended up purchasing varying objects that weren’t necessarily needed but this is promoting at its best.

Getting the Consumer’s Attention

 Although your phone is a great way to capture attention for a brand or product, it is not the only way that companies may utilise branding and promotion. Have you ever walked around a shopping centre and seen the billboards or big screen televisions promoting different brands and then not been able to get it out of your head until you go have a look? This process is subconsciously getting your attention and convincing you that you need their product.

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The Environment 

These days, however, it is not as simple as showing a person their product and that person then buying said product. People are also a lot more environmentally conscious in their purchasing decisions and want products that cause less harm to the environment. It, therefore, pays for this information to be clearly and easily visible in the product branding. Bamboo lanyards are an example of such a product listing clearly for the consumer to see that they are eco-friendly, 100% bamboo and break down over time in an environmentally friendly way.

Such a product would rate highly in branding and advertising and capture the consumer’s attention which is why websites such as 28 of the best eco-friendly products to reduce waste at home in Austra – Pod Star which is an excellent resource for researching and sourcing environmentally friendly products in Australia.

Details Keep You Ahead of the Game 

If somebody asked you to name two different types of milk or cereal, you would automatically name your top two favourite brands and in some situations even sing a jingle or quote the product mantra such as Kellogg’s® Nutri-Grain® almost everybody could off the top of their head jump in and say “Nutri-Grain, Iron Man Food.” This is because these companies put a lot of money into advertising and marketing strategies designed to capture your attention. Yet it is important to remember that flashy colours and catchy slogans aren’t everything and ensuring you have a product that is different from the rest and a strong marketing platform that stands out is a long-term strategy for product success.

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Brand Recognition 

In the long term, when working with the branding of a product the key element is ensuring your product stands out from the rest. This could be in the smallest detail that your competitors have missed or which is unique to your product, but whatever the case may be it is essential that your customer is aware of this sort of detail. It needs to go beyond simply the “catchy slogan” or the “flashy colours” previously mentioned, to also include the smaller details highlighting the benefits of your product; that it is reliable, high quality and better than the rest of the similarly advertised products competing in the market. 


The most important aspect of any brand is ensuring that your customers are satisfied. Even if you feel your product or service isn’t reliant on customers, it is. If the product or service is not purchased then you do not have a viable business and need to return to the beginning of your marketing campaign and focus back on the smaller details that make your business uniquely your own. As a consumer myself, I tend to return to the same businesses because of loyalty and credibility but also because they initially caught my attention with the details of their brand and those small details will always count, so focussing on them from the beginning will go a long way towards building a solid customer base.

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