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Why Unstable Financial Conditions Promote Short-Term Loans


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Stress occurs not only in the lives of people but also in the lives of entire systems, for example, financial or, more narrowly, banking. Such stress occurs during economic crises when depositors begin to withdraw their savings from banks in bulk. Also, raising interest rates by the Federal Reserve creates serious challenges for medium and small banks. Trying to somehow solve their problems, banks often shift their costs in such situations to their clients. Therefore, many consumers begin to choose favor of short-term loans as they are more predictable and manageable.

How Does a Rise in Interest Rates Affect the Banks?

Each bank has certain assets and liabilities, the balance of which determines its profitability:

  • Assets are long-term debts that are provided to consumers and on which the bank receives interest monthly.
  • Liabilities are customer deposits on which the bank regularly pays interest.

If the bank’s liabilities turn out to be higher than its assets, the balance is disrupted, and a certain mismatch is observed. This is exactly the situation that occurs when the Fed raises interest rates. Therefore, to return the situation to a state of balance, banks increase interest rates on long-term loans, which makes loans more expensive for borrowers. This is what makes many borrowers consider short-term loans a better alternative.

Advantages of Short-Term Loans in Situations of Instability

Against the background of rising interest rates, services for finding lenders for short-term loans, such as Payday Depot, are experiencing a real boom. Seeking greater predictability, consumers are trying to choose types of loans for which they can have more control over their repayments. This is what short-term loans are good for:

  • The consumer borrows a small amount of money, up to $5,000.
  • If this is a payday loan, the debt is repaid from the next paycheck. Also, you can negotiate with the lender additional conditions under which the return of money is extended for a period from 90 days to 2 years.
  • Many lenders who provide payday loans do not report their repayment to credit reporting companies. However, taking out a loan from a lender that does and repaying it on time can improve your credit score.
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What Are the Prospects for Financial Stabilization and Interest Rate Reduction?

How long will this situation last? Is there any hope that interest rates will creep down soon, making loans cheaper? The Federal Reserve is in no hurry to boost the hopes of banks, businesses, and consumers. Moreover, another increase is expected at the end of 2023. And only at the end of 2024, as analysts predict, this trend will reverse, and the interest rate will go down. But simultaneously, it will decrease slowly enough so that the financial system does not experience shock overloads.

That is why the trend towards choosing short-term loans will remain relevant for quite a long time. And if you want to compare the conditions of different lenders and choose the most optimal ones, use the services of the Payday Depot platform, which will match you with many credit service providers in your state, who are ready to provide you with the amount you require. Choose the best conditions and be protected from the unpredictability of banks!

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