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Ximena Cuellar Confronts Mike Berk: You’re a Farty Slob and It Disgusts Me!


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Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar have a fair number of active and potential obstacles to overcome to be together.

Financial differences. Child planning. A language barrier. Her ex was a hitman.

On Season 5, Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Ximena revealed another barrier to their being together.

Some of Mike’s habits were grossing her out. Will dirty clothes, belching, and flatulence spoil their romance?

Ximena Cuellar - love, I'm going for coffee

Mike and Ximena have been enjoying a romantic vacation together.

Her kids are with her family, and now the two have had some alone time at a beautiful rental.

However, as we all saw during the episode, that “alone time” led to Ximena 

Ximena Cuellar - super gross, gross

When Ximena slipped out of bed to get coffee, she actually called her sister to seek advice.

She was stunned that Mike — a grown 34-year-old man with stable employment — had some repulsive habits.

Perhaps stranger was that he didn’t seem to realize that they could be off-putting, because he was doing it all in front of her.

Mike was removing his dirty clothes and just tossing them all willy-nilly onto the floor and elsewhere.

He was belching, even at the dinner table, and seemed to think nothing of it.

Finally, he was passing gas around her, including during a makeout session, which totally turned her off.

Ximena Cuellar - look for a place to let it rip somewhere alone

“So it’s like, oh no! It’s funny but infuriating at the same time,” Ximena expressed.

“Can you imagine three to four years from now? Oh my god. I’ll go crazy,” she predicted.

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“I’m the most squeamish person in the world,” Ximena admitted. “He goes and does this in front of me. Look for a place to go let it rip somewhere alone.”

Ximena Cuellar to Mike Berk - for example, your cleanliness

Some people would have either ignored the problem or started making plans to straight-up ghost Mike.

Ximena, however, opted to speak to him about it, telling him that there were things that he needed to change.

His bad habits — from letting out gas from both ends right in front of her to scattering dirty laundry — needed to change.

Ximena Cuellar - don't do it in front of me

Mike expressed surprise that she brought these things up as negatives.

Firstly, because it’s not like these were intentional things that he was doing — not the flatulence bit, at least.

Second of all, Mike felt that in comparison to the literal criminals whom she had dated, this seemed like an odd hangup to have.

Ximena Cuellar - I'm not going to live as if I'm your mother

Ximena explained that Mike is a grown adult, and she already has two young children.

She does not want to feel like his mother (especially as someone a decade younger than he is), correcting his manners and picking up after him.

We all know that this is a fear that many women have as they date guys who are slobs. Ximena doesn’t want that life.

Mike Berk and Ximena Cuellar make out in the water

It’s clear that neither of the two of them have any malice for each other — in fact, they seem crazy about each other.

Mike and Ximena have enjoyed plenty of makeout sessions, some more public than others.

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Ximena did the mature thing by directly telling Mike what was bothering her and what she hoped that he would change.

Mike Berk's dad Larry and grandfather

Honestly? We’re not blaming anyone for this, but we should remember that Mike has been living with his father and grandfather.

Without any romantic relationships, it may be that he was in an excessively comfortable home environment.

You live a certain way for long enough, and you can forget that not everyone feels the same way.

Mike Berk introduces himself on Season 5

For example, while my Ximena-like discomfort with discussion of bodily gasses is palpable, some families “let it fly” in front of each other without batting an eye.

Mike may be coming from that environment, where an accidental flatus is seen as no big deal.

Plenty of people who would leave the room to “let one rip” wouldn’t think twice about belching. These are personal sensibilities, not universal ones.

Ximena Cuellar TikTok Mike Berk proposal 01 of 03

However, we can guess that Mike cleaned up his act (and his dirty clothes).

Numerous online clues point to Mike and Ximena being engaged, though the engagement may have gone down after the trip.

That means that this season could be rough for the two of them, but perhaps they’ll have a happy update at the Tell All (which reportedly filmed last weekend).

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