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10 Dermatologist Approved Body Skincare Tips for the Healthy & Radiant Skin


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With the plenty of products hitting our makeup vanity and endless skincare advice over the internet, it is no longer easy to figure out the best skincare routine that will work best for you. We all know the basics- getting enough sleep, keeping yourself hydrated, and washing your face before bed, but what about the routine in between?

Before we start with the body skincare tips, let’s first take a close look at what glowing Skin is! Some might advise you with a list of expensive products. But luckily, there’s no need to spend tons of cash on magical skincare procedures or costly creams for the radiant glow.

 What is Glowing Skin?

Glowing Skin has a different definition for all of us. Some associate the term with healthy and awake Skin instead of dull, dry, and uneven textures. Whereas others link it with natural sheen and radiance. Coming up to the standard pointers, glowing skin will appear:

  • Smooth and even with fewer blemishes,
  • Hydrated, neither too oily nor too dry.
  • Even in color tone instead of inflamed or red.
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It is essential to know that healthy Skin does not refer to perfect Skin. There is nothing like Perfect Skin. It can also be termed healthy and glowing with typical characteristics including wrinkles, visible pores, fine lines, occasional blemishes, and birthmarks.

 Best Body Skincare Tips for Healthy & Radiant Skin:

We have reached out to the best top estheticians and dermatologists, digging into the details of all their advice. From choosing the right cleanser to the importance of clean makeup brushes, we have covered all the details with the list of Top K-Beauty body care products that will instantly help you achieve glowing Skin!

● Body Skincare Tip #1: Follow the Balanced Diet-

Dermatologist in St. Louis says that “70% of your Skin’s health depends on what you eat in a day, having more significance than what you put on your Skin.”

Some of the best Vitamins that you need to add to your diet are-Vitamin A, B, C, and E. These will help protect your Skin from UV damage, reducing the black spots within less time.

● Body Skincare Tip #2: Cleanse Regularly-

Cleaning your face with cold water twice a day must be the first step in your skincare routine, as advised by certified dermatologists. Cleansing regularly helps eliminate dead skin cells, debris, and dirt, preventing dulling of Skin and clogging of pores, thereby contributing to glowing Skin.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser infused with a list of natural ingredients. Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser or Pretty Skin Melacells Cleansing Foam is the top-recommended Korean facial cleanser, available at budget-friendly options.

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● Body Skincare Tip #3: Exfoliate a Couple of Times Per Week-

We lose around 50 million skin cells daily, and without any extra little nudge, they may hang around on your skin, giving it a sullen look. To remove the loosened and dull look, look out for a product with natural pH levels that do not dry out your skin as it exfoliates. This will help remove the outermost dead skin layer and dry skin, revealing a more glowing and radiant look.

● Body Skincare Tip #4: Use Vitamin C-

Apply two to three drops of Vitamin C serum on your face after cleansing it in the morning. This will help your sunscreen work better, preventing brown spots, reducing skin redness, and helping stimulate collagen, resulting in healthier and radiant Skin.

● Body Skincare Tip #5: Moisturize Both Day and Night-

Right after you get out of the shower or before you go to bed, moisturize your face to counteract dry and dull Skin. Avoid applying lotions with heavy fragrances and a gentle moisturizer with zero irritation chances.

Try out Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber with Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask, recommended by top dermatologists to hydrate Skin, preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

● Body Skincare Tip #6: Wear Sunscreen-

Sunscreen is regarded as the best anti-aging product, removing the dull look. Sunscreen of SPF 30 must be applied daily, following it as a last skincare routine step before applying any makeup.

According to the rule of thumb, reapply your sunscreen every two-three hours when you’re outdoors and immediately reapply it after swimming or sweating. Estheticians recommend applying sunscreen in the morning after completing the skincare regimen at home.

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● Body Skincare Tip #7: Don’t Touch Your Face-

After all these steps, you need to figure out how to avoid regularly touching your face. This causes breakouts and spreads bacteria, increasing the chances of growing acne. This can also improve wrinkles, scarring, flu, and other viruses.

● Body Skincare Tip #8: Keep Hydrate:

Every dermatologist we spoke to emphasized the importance of hydration. Less water in the body leads to more sag and less radiance. Drink around eight glasses of water in a day and try opting for the products with hydrating formulas, making the procedure easier for you.

● Body Skincare Tip #9: Avoid Direct Heat Exposure-

Not just the sun, getting too close to fireplaces and heaters can also wreak havoc on your Skin. Too much heat will cause collagen breakdown and inflammation. Therefore, it is advised to remain at least 10 feet away from heating devices.

● Body Skincare Tip #10: Sleep Smarter-

Besides diet or skincare routine, multiple other factors contribute to healthy and radiant skin- Smarter Sleep is also a focal point.

Get proper eight hours of sleep a night and replace your existing pillow covers with silk pillowcases. The material prevents wrinkles and creasing as it glides easily. Silk is also easier on hair and helps avoid breakage and tangles.


People can try out various techniques to attain clear skin at home. Therefore, the best methods will depend on the person’s skin type.

All the estheticians and dermatologists we have spoken to have emphasized their focus on using Korean products- made with 100% natural ingredients and not too heavy on pockets.


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